Monday, May 25, 2009

Twin Belly Shot: 32 Weeks

32 weeks pregnant with twins.

33 weeks pregnant with one baby.
(Notice how swollen my face was from the pre-eclampsia though!)

* * * * *

It's official.

I'm uncomfortable.

I'm actually wearing two maternity shirts. The top one is an "extra long" tank in size XL. It doesn't even come CLOSE to covering my tummy. The bottom tank is a cami that I forced down for the just creeps right up after about two minutes. It's a good thing I'm off work. I truly don't have anything that fits properly anymore.

I've hardly slept the last few nights. Just can't get cozy enough to doze off.

I don't want them to come yet, because it's too early...but I can.not.wait. until I am un-pregnant.

At the start of this, I thought I might want another biological child. As of right now, I'm 99.9999% sure that this will be my last pregnancy. I just don't like this. I do not like it Sam I am...

Yes, I have Andy's shoes on. No, I don't know why.

It hasn't helped that there has been a MARKED increase in Henry's energy level since his surgery. They had mentioned that some kids have an increase in energy after their hearts are pumping more efficiently...let's just say that he has YET to take a nap since Thursday. Today he spent two hours jumping and playing and laughing to himself in his crib during what should have been naptime. And he's extra crazy. Still good and pretty well behaved...just crazier.

Mama's giant belly and the thought of two newborns showing up soon with this new found energy makes me want to crawl into a hole and cry. :)


Joanie said...

Do you have access to a pool? I noticed that swimming makes even my non-napping 4 year old take a nap, and since you'd get to be in the water with him, it does feel good to not have gravity pulling on the uterus.

Very glad to hear Henry's healing is marked - that is some cool improvement!

Sorry to hear of your official discomfort. Ugh.

Mommy Laity said...

I think you've finally passed me up now (speaking of my pregnancy size with the boy). I'm really sorry. It's really uncomfortable. I was four days over due at this size. You have weeks to go. I'm really sorry. You can grumble to me anytime. It does not feel good to have something that big taking over your body. I remember clearly. Very sorry.

Yeah for Henry! As terrifying as it is, it must feel so good knowing he's healthy now.

Priscilla said...

you look beautiful, Jeannett! Keep on keepin' on, sweetie - someday you will sleep again LOL

Mama Mote said...

It's great to see you still smiling. I just got back from OR visiting my daughter and just read through your blogs I missed. SO GLAD things went well with Henry (other than the bandage). You are looking great, too. Can't wait to hear about the girls when they enter the world.

summer... said...

well. life seems a little crazy for you guys right now. wow! seriously praying for you guys. i truly, wholeheartedly, not just saying this because it seems like something a pastors wife should say... am praying that henry will take a nap and that you can find a way to get comfortable enough to sleep. i am seriously praying that for you today! rest my friend.