Thursday, May 28, 2009

Holy Moly

Had a perinatologist appointment yesterday.

The ultrasound estimates that:

Baby A weighs 4 lb. 2 oz.

Baby B weighs 3 lb. 14 oz.

I'm not real great at math, but I'm pretty sure that adds up to 8 lbs. of baby.


Oh yeah, and that extra placenta and amniotic fluid adds another 3 lbs. or so.

Oh, and I'm "only" 32 weeks.

Measuring 40 in case you weren't sure.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm 5'2"?

Andy may have to knock out a wall to get me out of the house and to the hospital by the end of all this...


lindsey said...

i fully give you permission to hate me for saying this, but its been my prediction all along that you'll go all the way! thank god they're healthy!

Mike and Rachel said...

I was 4 pounds 12 ounces at birth and left the hospital at 4 pounds 2ounces. I aws born at 37 weeks. So, to me, it sounds lik eyou are ready to go!

Jeannett Gibson said...

by "all the way" I really hope you mean 36-37 weeks and NOT 40-41!!!

joy said...

oh, jeannett--that's so great that the babies are getting big. i'm sorry you're uncomfortable, but the bigger the babies, the fewer the problems, right? can you imagine, just birthing and going home, no nicu time? wouldn't that be great? hang in there. love those twin pics, too. two baby girls in your arms, in no time.

Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

Well, at 32 wks 3 days, I gave birth to my 4 lb 1 oz baby girl...

At 33 wks, 4 days I gave birth to my 5 lb son...

Preemie birth hurts 13 times worse than full term, from what I hear. Keep those girls in longer!!! Your body doesn't need to go through any more than it already is!!!