Saturday, May 23, 2009

Entry Site

We pulled off Henry's bandages today.




The can do heart surgery through a pin-prick hole, but they can't come up with adhesive that doesn't practically rip the poor kid's skin off????

"Owie, owie, Daddy! No, Daddy!!!"

I was nauseated. The kid was shaking in pain.


Anyway, I thought I would take a picture of the entry site.

If you click the picture to blow it up you can see better...

See that little dot of a bruise? I think that's where they put in some kind of needle...

Now go just to the left of that'll see a teeny tiny cut.

THAT'S the entry site.

No stitches, staples, nothing.

Can you BELIEVE they can do heart surgery through a space that small???

And can you BELIEVE that only 15 years ago this same thing would be open heart????


(I posted this because it was interesting, but also because I remember being so frustrated that I could never find any info or photos relating to this procedure on the I 'm hoping that maybe some other mom can find this helpful and help ease her nerves as she prepares her own child...)


Anonymous said...

My dad's had a few of these procedures, but I never wanted to ask him if I could see the entry site. :-)
Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

Joanie said...

Ow, that's such a sensitive spot too.

Very glad it wasn't open heart!!!

Denissa said...

Hi Jeannett,
I'm visitng over from Lindsey's blog. I just wanted to leave a comment about your little guy! Praise God that he did so well and that you were able to have peace!
My youngest was born with a hole (VSD), we have been blessed to have not had to have surgery..I can not imagine the feelings and anxiety you experienced! Thank God for medical technology too!
Denissa :)

summer... said...

wow. that's all i can say. & poor little guy.