Saturday, December 22, 2007

Energizer Bunny?

I finally got a call back from our Cardiologist's nurse so that I could ask her all the questions I was too stunned to ask when we went last week.

I asked about his growth and if it was permanently stunted. She said that she couldn't guarantee it, but in 8 years of working there, MOST kids change dramatically after the procedure. She said that parents say "It's like someone put in new batteries!" Their energy level skyrockets (which worries me some, he's already pretty active), they eat more, they start growing taller and putting on weight. She said that you can usually see a pretty marked difference even within the first month after the procedure! Basically, his little heart is working twice as hard to pump blood, so all of that energy is being used up for keeping it beating instead of growing. Lots of the kids who may have been behind developmentally (walking, crawling, etc.) suddenly start to hit all their milestones...not sure if Henry is behind, but it's an interesting tidbit. (By the way, this would explain why he was so little when he was born!)

The procedure itself is pretty short. Usually only about an hour, but can take two or three depending on individual circumstances.

Some of the older kids who get it done go back to school the day after the procedure. Recovery time is pretty minimal (no stitches remember?).

Amazing how you can perform heart surgery on such a small infant and how relatively non-invasive the whole thing is!!! It's crazy.

OH OH OH, I keep meaning to post this: so, my little sister called me a few days ago...and says "Pulmonary Stenosis...that's what I have!" I knew my sister was born with a heart murmur, but I completely forgot (30% of babies are)...she's 14 now, and never needed any kind of surgery...she just goes to a cardiologist every 5 years to get it checked on...pretty much no big deal. She takes some kind of antibiotic before she goes to the dentist, but other than that, it doesn't affect her. Anyway, my point is that if my (half) sister has it, it must be genetic on my dad's side. Weird. I never made the connection. Well, at least now I can quit racking my brain for what I did wrong during my pregnancy to cause this...


Diana Fabricio said...

interesting! well its from your daddy!! of course you didnt do anything wrong during your pregnancy you were perfect better then i would ever be!! anyways cant wait to see you on tuesday!!!

Jacquelyn said...

isn't it interresting how us women always think that it's our fault if our babies aren't perfect? you have to remember who knit Henry together!

Lisa Leonard said...

that is exciting to think about lots of growth after the surgery!