Monday, March 8, 2010

A Phone Call & A Coupon

A couple of quick (and *completely* unrelated) things:

1) Compassion International called me a few days ago. As in, a LIVE PERSON made a personal phone call...not a pre-recorded message...not a mass email with the name changed...but a real human being telephoned me...I can.not say enough good things about Compassion International!... let me know that they were finally able to track down Robenson (a little boy we have sponsored in Haiti). He and his family are fine, however, their home did sustain some damage. I just about burst out into tears. I prayed and worried for my little guy so much! PRAISE GOD!

2) Remember my Swiffer Vac review? (see, I told you they were totally unrelated!)...well, since then, I have had like 6 people tell me that they went out and bought one based on my post! (Swiffer, my compensation check can be mailed to...) Anyway, I think that's pretty funny...but just yesterday, in the Sunday paper, I saw a coupon for $10 OFF a Swiffer Vac starter kit!!! Holy Moly! $10 off is a lot!!! I don't need it, sooooo....the first person to email me their address to jeannett_gibson {at} yahoo {dot} com will get it mailed to them! :)

*UPDATE* The coupon has been claimed by Carrie!

But don't fret...just hunt down someone you know who gets the paper and beg them for their coupon!

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Lia said...

How wonderful of them. Thanks for sharing. (Your children are adorable)

Hope you have a chance to come say hi.

Cheers, Lia

Brianna Heldt said...

So, so, so great about Robenson!!!!

I too love the work that Compassion does. They're about an hour and a half south of us, and I keep thinking I want to take a tour sometime. (Do they even give tours? I have no idea. But I like doing touristy things, because I'm a dork! :) )