Thursday, January 14, 2010

Robenson, Haiti, and Hope

"I cannot help them all, but I grieve and weep with them, and am completely absorbed in the duties that charity imposes on me. Today we must translate the precepts of the Scriptures into deeds. Instead of speaking saintly words, we must act them."
- St. Jerome

We've sponsored Robenson through Compassion International for the last few years. He lives in Haiti and in fact, we JUST got a letter from him a couple of weeks ago.

Cute kid.

Love getting his letters and crayon drawings.

And then the earthquake.

Having children makes you feel devastation differently.

I always find myself thinking of my own I would feel if events or circumstances were happening to THEM.

Sweet Jill's smile...Lucy's blue eyes...Henry's goofy ways...

The desparation I would feel if a major catastrophe had just occurred to my own family.

Having children makes the world feel so much smaller.

I got an email from Compassion yesterday...explaining that I would receive a PERSONAL email from them as soon as they located Robenson and let me know how he is.

That is just the coolest.

That email made my day.

I just pray that the email bears good news.

In the meantime you can bet that we'll be praying and donating to help.

Think about doing it too.

If you were planning on donating anyway...or if you need a little extra motivation, check out Hope for Haiti. They are doing a series of raffles...every dollar you give earns you a raffle ticket.

Good gig if you ask me.

Think about it.

Pray about it.

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