Monday, December 28, 2009

Twin Girl Nursery


Remember this sneak peek way back in the day?

Yeah, well...that's how long it took me to get the room done.

Actually, let me be more specific: the room has been 99% done for was my hair brained idea for crib skirts that kept me from being 100% done.

I'm not really into pink.

It's not that I hate pink so much...just that I'm not a pink kind of girl, you know?

I'm also not into teddy bears, butterflies, princess castles, unicorns, flowers, or...

Pretty much all things that a little girl's room is.

Originally, I was going to go with some funky color combos like turqouise and orange. Still fun and girly but not overtly...well...girly.

And then I realized that this was likely my only chance at having baby I should probably just embrace it.

Naturally, I added black to offset the frou-frou.

Think Parisian Glam without the Eiffel Towers or Poodles.

In the end, I love, love, love the result.


Chandelier from Craigslist spray painted black.
Pale pink walls, black stripe, bubblegum pink stripe, white. Painting courtesy of Unci Dunci.
By the way, painting black on a wall is stressful.
It just seems wrong.

I made the bedding myself and my mother-in-law took over the debacle that was my "hey, I know! let's make the crib skirts out of tulle and they can look like giant ballerina tutus!" Cute idea, but if I never see a piece of tulle again it will be too soon.
Lucy's crib used to be Henry's. She gets the black/white bedding and pale pink tutu.

Coordinating, but not matching crib sets.
My brattiness about this is why I had to actually MAKE all this myself. It's impossible to find something un-lame for twin girls.
This crib was given to used to be wood colored. Nothing 6 cans of black spray paint can't fix!
Jill gets the pink/white bedding and bright pink tutu.

Used some leftover fabric and the stuffing from an old pillow to make these little bird mobiles.
(The "hardware" was a re-use of Henry's old mobile and a second mobile I bought on clearance and threw away the hideous courdoroy sailboats from.)

The changing table from Henry's room (that is from Pottery Barn Kids but I bought used). Toss on a pink cover and swap the ribbons to a matching color.

A *fabulous* armoire given to us by a friend. I didn't have to do a thing to this.

Little "vases" from my ever gorgeous baby shower.
(They're really just tin cans covered with wrapping paper and ribbon).
I kinda hate the silk flowers but I can't think of anything else to put in there.

An old dresser I painted black and added glass pulls to match the armoire knobs. I got these on ebay for $2 each.

Little lamps that used to be in my room (that I originally got on massive clearance at Pottery Barn about 7 years ago), frames from the $1 bins at Michaels (that were already the perfect colors!), and a tiny ceramic bird that was tied to a baby shower gift from Lisa. (I really need to step up my wrapping...I just toss stuff into a bag and call it a day!)

Vinyl wall decals from FiggyandWink.

So there you have it.



But not too girly.


lindsey said...

LOVE it! so incredibly professionally designed looking - i can see why it took so long, my goodness! great job. now, can you come over and paint over silas' purple walls for me?

joy said...

it's alright. i was kind of expecting more. ha ha! just kidding! their room is gorgeous! i love the colors and all the details. great job!

Stephanie said...

This is, hands down, the most amazing and beautiful nursery I've ever seen!

J.J. said...

That is so pretty. Lucky girls!

lollidoodle2 said...

I am in love with your little girl's room! I stopped over from Design Dazzle to see more. I want to make a room like that for ME. I love everything about it, even the silk flowers. Beautiful job you should be soooo proud!