Sunday, April 19, 2009

Twin Baby Shower #2

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a younger, hipper version of Martha Stewart throw you a baby shower?

Well, I had the privilege of Lindsey and Joy hosting my latest baby shower.

It was....BEAUTIFUL.

Every time I go to a Lindsey-hosted event, I am always amazed and wonder how on earth she can ever outdo herself the next time...and EVERY time I go to another event, it is better than the last. This time was no exception! The decorations were impeccable with so much attention to detail, and the food (organized by Joy) was FANTASTIC. Little chicken salad sandwiches, turkey and basil sandwiches, waldorf salad, fresh fruit, chocolate covered strawberries, and a cake made to look like a nest!

You really have to check out Lindsey's blog for photos. I brought my camera, but never even took it out of my purse!

Thank you ladies for throwing such a fabulous shower!!!


Lisa Leonard said...

so fun to celebrate your two little girls. xo

summer... said...

so sorry i wasn't able to make it to your shower to celebrate with you. know that i wanted to be there really bad! i am so glad you were blessed.

lindsey said...

nothing but the best for you! ;)