Thursday, October 15, 2009


Thought I'd share with you a glimpse into my morning and in general, a typical day in my life lately.

For background, the girls got their first vaccine shots yesterday. Both are running fevers and otherwise feeling puny. Jill moreso than Lucy (I would guess that is due to the size difference...10 pounds vs. 13 pounds!).

These photos were taken at 11:30 a.m.

If there were sound to the photos, you would hear Henry:

Row, row, row da Boooooaaaat!


Mary, mary, mary, mary....

(long pause)


Before I know it, he is jumping on the bed.

RIGHT next to Lucy's head.

"HENRY! Don't JUMP..."

Before I can finish my sentence, I realize that she is CRACK.ING up.

Not just smiling, but full on belly laughing.

She's loving the bouncing.

Why do I suddenly fear my future...?

You might be wondering: "why are her kids only half dressed?"

Distraction is my life.

I started changing Lucy...only to have Jill wake up hysterical. So, I left Lu as is and dealt with Jill.

At this exact moment, Henry decided he wanted to get dressed and "ME DO IT MOMMY!"


Except that he only got so far as his pants before he decided he would rather jump on the bed.

And apparently entertain his little sister.

What you can't see in the photo is that during all of this, I am still in my pajamas.

Yeah, at 11:30...because you know, I've been distracted by one of my three kids all morning. And while snapping photos, and in my stinky pj's, I am desperately trying to nurse a whimpering Jill who has a hot little feverish head.

So I stink, but I have one sad baby and two giggling at each other.

So yeah, that's my day.


One after the other.

Over and over again.

And I love it.



Crash said...

such a glamorous life the life of a mommy! it is so precious when the babies belly laugh! And, just so you know, henry will make the girls laugh harder and more easily than you or andy will eve be able to. just a tip. something about that sibling bond.

Crash said...

crash is me, joy. i guess cade is logged in.

Jilse said...

I had the same thing happen with my girls had their baby counsin over. I had him in the bouncer and I went into the kitchen. I came back out and my eldest is pushing the bouncer down and then letting it fling back up. I was so worried that she was going to fling the baby right out, but the baby was laughing his hiney off. Full on chuckles and huge grin. I ended up grabbing my video camera and recording it instead. So what you wrote doesn't surprise me at all. And somedays maybe a little jumping on the bed is in order.

{ L } said...

Off topic...but I just wanted to let you know that I left you a comment on your FAMILY RULES post...just in case you don't check your comments that far back. ;)

Mama Mote said...

And these are the memories you wouldn't have had you been still working. So glad you are able to stay home and enjoy the kids (even with all the 'mommy, mommy'cries and jumping on beds, etc.). Love it! And the pics are fun. Thanks for taking the time you have to share. hugs