Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Upon the recommendation of Tracy, we decided to check out the Nipomo Pumpkin Patch this year instead of the usual Avila Valley Barn. We love the Barn, but it is super crowded this time of year, and that takes some of the quaint charm and fun out of it. The Nipomo Patch was really casual...no tractor rides, no bounce houses, no petting zoo...just a big open field of pumpkins. I think I missed some of the extras you get at bigger pumpkin patches, but you really CANNOT beat their prices!


Serenity Now said...

I drive right past that place to get to work at least twice a week and I've never stopped. Thanks for the heads up! I agree with you about AVB, and I'm all about being frugal this year :)

Emma said...

thank you for sharing your fab photos...here in England we have nothing like that... i am a little green with envy. So many gorgeous pumpkins...i want them all!!