Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thanks PotteryBarn

For the fabulous inspiration.

I will not, however, be purchasing your $12 dried leaves.

I have some in the front yard for the bargain basement price of big, fat FREE.


My leaves may not be quite as perfect, but they work.

And they didn't cost me $12.

Plus tax.

And with that, I finally got around to putting up some of the Halloween and Fall decor. Lots of stuff stayed in the boxes this year...I can only put up so many distractions for my 2 year old.

Cost of my entire display: $4. For the pumpkins.

Still looks a little blah. Maybe a banner would help.

(Who puts in WHITE grout??? I have cleaned this with bleach and toothbrush more times than I care to admit and it still looks nasty instantly!)

Speaking of is my son casually flipping through the newest catalog. He tells me he's looking for the "missmas trees"...but I know he's really scoping out my birthday present.

Sly little devil.


Jilse said...

Smart thinking! I can't believe pottery barn expects people to pay twelve dollars for leaves!! And someone will actually buy them!

We have white grout also. My husband and I always say that as soon as we can afford to we're replacing our counters with seamless countertops. The white grout just doesn't stay clean no matter how often you clean it. Argh.

Your decorations look great! I think we even have the same pumpkin candle holder. I love decorating for Fall. It's my favorite season.

Priscilla said...

I got my leaves at Michael's for $1 for a couple zillion LOL!! Your ideas are really cute!

Mama Mote said...

Cute, Jeannett. You've inspired me. Although my seasonal stuff is in storage, maybe I'll do what Priscilla did and find things cheap - the 99cent store...UNDER A BUCK!