Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

(Isn't this just SOOO me???!!!)

We're back.

So good to be home.

Our trip was...well...miserable.

The kids were unbearably hot. None of them napped properly, which resulted in a crank-fest unlike any other.

The girls were hungry, but didn't want to nurse...body contact was just too much. Luckily, I grabbed my pump on the way out the door just. in. case. Whew.

Everyone woke up multiple times a night.

And it just kinda spiraled and built on that for the entire four days.

Seriously, I think the girls cried for four days straight.

At least it sure seemed like it.

My nerves were shot, the kids were beyond grumpy and it just didn't make for good visiting.

The whole point of my trip was to spend a few days so that we could visit with people we don't tend to get to see when we go down...unfortunately, because of the grump-factor, there were some we never made it to see (sorry Aunt Shelley!)...some who we only got to see for one short hour (sorry Great Grandma!)...and a luau party that we had to leave early (sorry Aunt Judy!).

Needless to say we are all very, very happy to be home. All three kids have spent most of the afternoon and evening sleeping (presumably catching up) and I've been unwinding and enjoying the coolness of the weather here...and the silence!

Dang, I hate it when a trip ends up all screwy like that! But, it does make me treasure our home and our little routines, even if they may not be the most glamorous!


Mama Mote said...

Shoulda called me!!! JK Sorry it wasn't what you were hoping for, but glad you got home okay and are enjoying your comfort zone again.

Joanie said...

Welcome home! So glad to hear that at least the arrival home has been peaceful, if not the trip itself.

Brianna Heldt said...

okay i'm LAUGHING OUT LOUD at that doily-ish picture you posted there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that really IS so you! (maybe that could be the next craft demonstrated...yes that's me trailing off.)

i'm sorry things were rough, oh it's SO HARD being away from home when babies and kids aren't sleepy, are cranky etc. glad you're home and back into the routine!!!