Sunday, August 30, 2009

Words from the Depths of Hell-A

Apparently I do have an internet connection.
However, time is something that I do NOT have.

So, bullet items will have to do for now:

  • It's HOT. HOT. HOT. The kids are miserable. Cranky. Insufferable. I know it's been hot back home too, but the only thing worse than three cranky kids, is three cranky kids at someone else's house.
  • Henry keeps asking me to go home. He woke up at 3 am the first night crying for his daddy and begging me to "go home in mama's car!" He didn't fall back asleep until 5. I may cut my trip a little short if he continues to ask. We'll see.
  • I'd love to say we are having fun, but the heat makes that impossible so far.
  • I only hit a teeny bit of traffic on the way down. So that was good. Henry and Jill, however, decided to cry for about the last hour of it anyway. (I did consider driving in the middle of the night, but I quickly decided that I would rather risk traffic than risk breaking down or getting into an accident and be stuck on the side of the road in the dead of night with three little kids...alone....not to mention that with the girls, the middle of the night is no guarantee that they will sleep!)

And dear, sweet Andy...posting a COMMENT about politics is a direct violation of the rules.

Don't argue with me about it.

It's my blog, I get to make, enforce, and interpret the rules.

You violated.

Penance will be due upon my arrival.


Joanie said...

In all fairness, his comment about dying quicker made me laugh out loud. Oh, sorry, DEFENDING the errant husband is probably an even worse offense!

So sorry to hear you're in the depths. I guess the kids want to save the good trips for when they're older. What's that phrase about a star burning out too soon or something...?

andy gibson said...

Hahahahaha!!!! Like you've ever been able to "make" me pay any sort of payment in the past? Hahahahaha, you ARE the female version of Will Ferrell. Can I have your autograph?

Peggy said...

Jeannett--Go visit great grandma Atkinson and sit in her air conditioned home for a few hours. After all Uncie Duncie it there too!! I am sorry it is so hot there for you all.


lynette said...

OMG...Andy is so in trouble! I'll babysit as soon as you get back, Jeannett just so you can make him pay...turnabout is fair play! It has been miserably hot here too, Jeannett! Fans have been in high demand! Really, kids...absence makes the heart grow maybe I'll babysit for that??? Let me know when you're headed home :)

gina said...


i received the photos, when can i drop them off? let me know...