Monday, September 28, 2009

Adventures in Cloth - Part 2

So, remember how I was having trouble with leaking and I had to strip my diapers?

Well, it worked. No more leaks!

Oh wait.

Except at nighttime.

No matter what I did...doubled the inserts...etc...the girls still woke up SOAKED. PJ's...blankets...crib sheets. Ick.

I don't change diapers at night unless they are poopy. So they have to hold 12 hours worth of baby pee. That's a lot.

Reading around online, I found that hemp inserts tend to be the key to this problem.

Hemp, I know. Seriously, could it GET more granola?!

Watch out, we might start smelling like patchouli pretty soon. Not.

But apparently, all "green"-ery aside, hemp is super absorbent and not bulky, so it works great for overnight. I'm gonna order a couple and try it out. If it works, great...I'll order more. If not, we'll just stick to disposables for nighttime. (Which is what we are doing now).

I have no problem doing disposables at night. It's easy and cheap to only be using 2 diapers per day. I'll try out the hemp, but I'm not going to fiddle with it too much.

Otherwise, I am LOVING cloth diapers! Seriously. They are easy, the laundry is no. big. deal., and let's face it, the fun colors are waaaayyy cuter than Elmo. I highly recommend cloth to anyone. Truly.

As for laundry, I'm only really having to wash dipes about once a week. Adding one load of laundry per week is negligible in my book. Plus, there's no real "folding" of laundry with it...just stuff the inserts in about 10 minutes, and you have a nice fresh stack of diapers!

Easy peasy.

I've dried the diapers out in the sun a couple of times. Something about the sun bleaches any stains and it keeps your diapers/elastic lasting longer. It's a bit of a pain to haul them downstairs and out into the backyard, rather than pop them into the I don't think this will be my regular routine. But I figured we live in California, it's a nice day...why not? It borders on more work than it's worth, so this will be hit or miss depending on my mood.

All that said, I think that the cloth diaper experiment is a success! It seemed kinda overwhelming when I was first researching, but in the actual's super easy!


Cindy said...

I'm glad to hear a success story... we have a few cloth ones... kinda scared to try! So far we've been using diapers that were baby shower gifts, so we haven't had to buy any, but our supply is dwindling!

Jeannett Gibson said...

That's what we did...we had gotten a bunch of disposables as gifts, so we used those until they ran out and then tried the cloth. Just try it out, see how it goes...if it doesn't work for you, it's no big deal, you can always just go back to disposable! It is overwhelming to start...there is SO MUCH info out thee...but you just kinda have to take the plunge and then deal with any difficulties as they arise. You know, cross that bridge when you get there kind of thing...Good Luck!

Joanie said...


Brianna Heldt said...

yayyy! that is great!