Sunday, September 27, 2009


I don't know. But it sounds kinda German, no?

So Andy had a business trip in Munich last week.

He was gone six days.


An ETERNITY when you are home alone with three littles...all of whom had stuffy/runny noses and didn't sleep at night, and a dog who got into a fight with an opposum and needed various vet visits to deal with an oozing drain and other assorted nastiness.

"Coincidentally" the meetings were during Oktoberfest.

In Germany.

How convenient.

So, he went a day early to check it out.

While I nursed fussy babies and a rambunctious 2 year old, my husband was doing this:

More "carnival-y" than I pictured...

These girls' shirts had a picture of David Hasselhoff said "Hofftoberfest". Classic.

Inside one of the beer "tents".

This is the outside of one of the "tents". They are all temporary buildings that are put up and taken down every year.

Inside the Hippodrom (whatever that is).

Those are hops hanging from the ceiling. I thought that was pretty cool.

Beer being delivered by horses. These are so Old Europe to me. I can't help but chuckle.

Oh boy.

Some random Brazilians he hung out with.

No idea what this is. But again, much more fair-like than I thought Oktoberfest would be.

"Some old church. Figured you'd like it."

I LOVE this picture. As in, I might get it developed and frame it somewhere.

"These old dudes on the bench totally reminded me of your grandpa."

He specifically took this picture for me. I used to be a huge fan of Tori Amos. Who only plays on Bosendorfer pianos. I was totally impressed that Andy remembered that...and that he remembered enough to take a picture of it for me. :)

Isn't he cute? (even if he did drool on himself...)

"I thought of you the minute I saw these...they are fake. The coconuts were literally shiny plastic balls."
(I have a huge pet peeve about people using palm trees where they don't belong. Even worse when said trees are made of plastic.)

Oh, and he had two days of business meetings too.

I have no pictures of my week. Because, you know, I was covered in spit up and snot and I can't quite recall which of the days I was able to squeeze a shower in.

But that's cool.


Joanie said...

Feeling your pain.

Kristen Borland said...

wow, my man had a business trip last week also. gone about six days. and i skipped town to my parents house because there was no WAY i was staying home with three kids. and i don't even have twins! congratulations on surviving!

and i so don't like the palm trees at our house. they are SO out of place and enormous and don't even fit where they are planted (smooshed up against the front of our house), and i would absolutely love them to disappear. they are so smooshed they are growing sideways now. and they are big and fat, so it's not even like a cool sideways. i guess now i'm thankful that they aren't plastic.

Mama Mote said...

When he gets home, it's time for YOU to go out of town for a few days!!! You are such a crack-up (I've said that before, I know)! Glad you survived. And your dogs, too.

Brianna Heldt said...

whew it is definitely tough when you're home alone with kids for days on end! the longest business trip kevin's ever taken was 3 nights--and that was PLENTY for me!

you're so awesome. and that's too funny about the palm trees. i miss seeing them, as we don't have them here. :) maybe i should invest in some plastic ones for our backyard...