Monday, September 14, 2009

Adventures in Cloth - Part 1

I finished doing a simple strip of my diapers, and got the inserts re-stuffed into the covers. (I was interuppted about 400 times, but I think the stuffing took all of 10 minutes to do all 42 diapers).

Got the girls into their diapers and...

Jill is NOT in the mood for a photo shoot.

Mom! I do NOT get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day!!!

Fine. Just get it over with.

There's my little Slim.

...about five minutes later, Jill pooped.


It leaked out a little...and I was disappointed...but then I girls have blow outs in Pampers regularly, so this isn't exclusive to the cloth. We'll see how it goes next time. (They only poo about every few days...hence the blow it'll be a bit before I get to see again).

I hosed off the solids (that's code for poop) with the special cloth diaper hose that attaches to the plumbing on your toilet and put it in the lidded container until laundry day.

(I told you this wasn't your grandma's cloth! We're high tech around here!)

Girls slept through the night and no leaks. Yay!

And then...the next diaper change...they leaked through everything.

Everywhere. Pee. Soaked. Crib sheets. PJ's. Everywhere.

What happened???

Last night...same thing. I even used double the inserts and everything was still soaked.


I put a fresh diaper on Jill, set her on my bed, and ten seconds later my bed was soaked in pee.

Huh??? THAT WAS A FRESH DIAPER! There's no way it was full!

And epiphany. (Whew! Big words. Watch out.)

The first diapers I put on them were the brand new ones I had gotten as gifts. After I had run out of those, I started using my stash from Craigslist...I ran a fresh one of the Craigslist diapers under the sink...and the water beaded up and ran right off the rain on a freshly waxed car.


Apparently, my simple strip didn't do the trick! The "old" diapers have a residue build up of detergent on them (still) that is keeping the liquid from absorbing! (The guy said they had been in the attic...I wonder if the heat up there had something to do with it?)

The good news is that my experiment isn't a lost cause. The bad news is that I have to figure out a harsher stripping method...and actually DO it. Oh well, still worth the cost savings.

So far.

Oops...snapped Lu's diaper too tight!

A smile from Jilly. Scowls all around from Lucy....

Aaahhh...much better!

Gonna do some looking around online and then try again. Once I get them stripped sufficiently I think this whole thing is gonna work...the new diapers proved to be absorbent, easy, and even CUTE!

(P.S. this is my 500th post!!!! Holy moly!)

(P.P.S. You have NO IDEA how many photos I took to get these few...gotta love digital cameras!)

Okay, gotta hop in the shower...we have a doc appointment this afternoon. Gonna take ALL. THREE. KIDS.


Wish me luck.


Joanie said...

Look at them smiling! Wow! Great job on the epiphany. I hope you find the method you need.

Kelly and Jason said...

I reccomend 2 things, first if you have actual repelling then you must scrub them by hand with Dawn dish soap and really hot water. Just scrub the fleece. Then wash them like normal. The inserts, I would strip in the dishwasher the first time. Just lay them in the racks, making sure none of them are hanging down onto the heating element. Keep running it with no detergent until you open it about 10 minutes into the cycle and don't see any suds. It can take a lot of cycles if it hasn't been done before. I have tried EVERYTHING with my fuzzi bunz and this is the only thing I have found that works. Once you do the dawn scrub, you should never have to do it again, as long as you don't use diaper cream. Good Luck!

Tracy Regusci said...

YEAH - I am glad then new ones work!! Keeping my fingers crossed that the cloth thing works.