Friday, September 11, 2009

Let the Experiment BEGIN!


9 Weeks

That's how many diapers we've gone through so far.

And that doesn't count Henry.

Remember this post way back in the day when I said we were going to try cloth diapers?

Well, I wasn't kidding. (Besides, blogging about doing something holds you accountable to follow through!)

I TOTALLY scored on my cloth diaper (edited because no one could figure out what CD stood for!) stash via, my ever-favorite, Craigslist.

Long story short, I was able to buy 36 (used) FuzziBunz diapers for $200!!!! (For reference, they are normally $17.95 EACH...which would have cost me $ tax and shipping!). A friend of mine also bought me some as a baby shower gift, so I have a stash of 42 size small FuzziBunz!!!! That's a lot. Sweet. (The more you have, the less often you have to do laundry. I'm hoping to go 2-3 days).

FuzziBunz are pocket diapers. Basically, there is a pocket in the diaper where you put an insert. This is good because you take apart the diaper for washing and it dries much faster...and you can double the inserts for nighttime use when kids tend to be in diapers longer.

I also got about 25 homemade All-In-One CD at a yard sale for $1 each. I don't plan on using these unless I'm in a bind and haven't done laundry, since AIO's tend to take A LOT longer to dry since they are so thick. (The "insert" is sewn into the you don't take anything apart. Saves you a step in the laundering process, but takes 2-3 times as long to dry.)

I decided to strip my diapers this morning since they are used (even though I don't think it really needed it). Basically, even with the proper laundry soap (and you have to use the right kind or it ruins the absorbency), after a while you end up with a build up of soap residue. This residue can make the diapers less absorbent and stinky. Stripping is easy...just wash with no detergent in hot water 4-5 times with 1/4 cup of vinegar in the first wash only. You don't have to do this very often...just when you notice your diapers acting wonky or stinking the minute they get wet.

We are starting our new adventure tomorrow.

I'll keep you updated. Via a multi-part series. :)


Anonymous said...

OK, this is how non-granola I really am... when you said that you totally scored on your CD stash via Craigslist, I assumed that meant you sold a lot of COMPACT DISCS on Craigslist so you could buy the diapers. Duh.
The girls are going to look adorable in these puffy little things! Are you going to bring them to church in them, too, or use disposables for outings? How do you handle the dirty ones when out and about?

Mommy3 said...

Do you really wash the poo diapers in your own washing machine? Do you need special detergent to keep everything sanitary? I can't imagine waiting too long between laundry loads. At first,I thought you we're talking about compact discs too. Good luck!

Mary Kay said...

Washing diapers is no big deal. You get used to it. I didn't know about rinsing in vinegar etc. when they don't smell clean anymore! I just bought new ones (they were pretty cheap in the old days).

You go, Jeannett! You are such a good mommy.

Kelly and Jason said...

I have been using Fuzzi Bunz for about 1.5 years now, and I adore them! If you need any advice on them let me know. I have used many different things on them and seem to have finally gotten it down! Just a warning though, the smalls didn't last very long around here, only till he was about 13 pounds, and then we moved to mediums. I would think it depends on the shape of your baby....nillapuddin1978atyahoodotcom

Joanie said...

This is awesome. I love the rainbow of them spread out. How cute. Can I help you do a load every now and then? I love laundry.