Monday, September 14, 2009

Two Month Check Up Stats

Two months.

I know. I know.

I don't know how it happened either.


Lucy: 9/14: 11 lb. 5 oz. 75% (8/10: 8 lb. 15 oz. )

Jill: 9/14: 8 lb. 16 oz. 25% (8/10: 7 lb. 9 oz.)

Lucy: 9/14: 23.5 inches 90% (8/10: 20.5 inches)

Jill: 9/14: 21 inches 10% (8/10: 20 inches)

So, you can see that Lucy is gaining and growing quickly...while Jill is a slow poke in the growth department. The doctor is mildly concerned about Jill. We were supposed to get our first set of vaccines today, but he specifically wanted to wait another month to "give her a chance to see if she catches up and grows a little more...and we want to have a better idea if she is little because that is who she is as a person, or if it's a problem because of her brain injury."

Um, okay. So if it's not just "her"...what could be wrong?

Well, a whole bunch of things...but he did drop the CP word. Cerebral Palsy. Ugh.

He made it clear that I wasn't supposed to worry or get freaked out. It is just a possibility and that we had this same worry with Henry (growing slowly and being really low on growth charts) and he turned out fine and healthy. So, Jill could be the same. But because of her history, he is a little concerned and wants to take every precaution and keep a close eye on her.

Against his orders, the first thing I did when I got home: I googled it.

I see why he might be concerned. Particularly because of her involuntary movements/twitches. They are SIGNIFICANTLY better than when she was younger, but they are still there. He did say that her muscle tone looked really good...which is a big indicator for CP.

I'm not too worried...yet. Why? Well, for starters, we've been through this before. Henry worried me sick because he was such a munchkin. I never knew if it was because of his heart, or just because he was a little dude.

Secondly, I've learned that worrying doesn't change the outcome.

Thirdly, I know that God has a plan and I better just hang on for the ride rather than try and alter it in some way. We will know soon enough if she has any kind of disability. All we can do is wait...we should definately be able to tell by the time she is six months old.

In the meantime, she is still getting her therapy sessions twice a week and we have a phenomenal pediatrician who is watching her closely. Oh yeah, and we have an awesome God that I know will carry us through this, regardless of what "this" ends up being.

And with that, two out of three are wailing. Peace out.


Kristen Borland said...

well, parenting does increase our prayer life, doesn't it? when i read all that, i kept remembering all you went through with henry's weight, so i''m going to hope that is the same deal with jill. and those girls are adorable! love the pics from the last two posts.

Joanie said...

Jeannett, we will keep on praying for your sweet family. You probably never even have a moment to stop and worry over Jeannett, right? That is one full plate, but I still hope you get some time to yourself every now and then.

lynette said...

LOVE.LOVE.LOVE the pictures you've been posting! They are so true to their personalities and sizes! Lucy is so the face of Henry with the frown...but won't be long and she'll be smiling away, just like Henry does now! Jilly is so adorable and petite....let's use that word for our sweet little girl. She is just so her own little personality...just love her! I can't believe (well, yes I can after holding both of them the other day) how much they weigh!!! WOW!!! Go girls! See you soon!

Mama Mote said...

Yes, they continue to get cuter each day. Praying things are all well with Jill. And I love seeing the pictures, too. I hope and pray you and Andy are getting some rest.

Priscilla said...

wow I can't believe how much Lucy looks like Henry!!! We'll keep praying - they are both so DARLING!!!

Lisa Leonard said...

ugh! i hate waiting. so hard. she's still jill and she'll still be jill even if you get a diagnosis. but of course, we're praying that you don't get a diagnosis. we love you guys. xo