Friday, August 28, 2009

I might be crazy

I've packed up all three kids...

Loaded up my full size SUV to the gills...

and am heading down to the L.A. area for about four days to visit family...

withOUT Andy.

I'm not so much concerned about BEING there. I'll have plenty of help.

But the DRIVE.

The girls eat every three hours.

The drive to my grandma's: three hours....

IF I don't hit traffic.


As in, I actually drive THROUGH downtown L.A. to get there.


My plan:

Feed the girls...take them straight off my boob and strap them into their carseats...and drive, drive, drive.

The girls have never been in a car for more than 30 minutes. Although they DO tend to fall asleep so that's promising.

I won't have internet access, so I apologize in advance for the blogging hiatus.

Maybe Andy will log in and grace you all with his intellect and wit????

HEY! Maybe you guys can give him suggestions for a blog topic! That might be fun.


But here are the rules (more for him than you):
  1. No politics.
  2. No politics.
  3. He MUST read his post no less than 5 times before publishing.
  4. No politics.
  5. I take no responsibility for any chaos that may ensue.
  6. No politics.
Hey, maybe he'll post a long soliloquy about his undying love for me???

Yeah, I didn't think so either. :)


andy gibson said...

Yeah for socialized, sorry, wait, what?

Diana Fabricio said...

so you will have internet access grandma has a computer and theres wireless there now too.... ill bring my laptop over for you!

joy said...

andy, tell us how you and jeannett met and how you won her heart.

Jacquelyn said...

traveling with infants to L.A. tip: leave as late at night as possible! you'd be amazed at how easy it is to drive through L.A. at 11:00 at night. Phillip and I always try to leave around 9 when going down south. Andy, I would love to hear you eulogize Ted Kennedy! That's not politics is it?

Kristen said...

you go girl! (i mean jeannett, not andy) :) you'll do great. piece of cake. :)

and i like joy's suggestion.

Joanie said...

Godspeed, Jeannett!

Mama Mote said...

So...where in LA are you?

jenny said...

Ummm... Andy, I'd like to hear
1. YOur eulogy on Ted Kennedy
2. Your take on socialized medicine
3. Your take on HONORING Ted Kennedy by pushing socialized health care

Would those classify as politics?

Sugar Plum said...

I can't wait to hear from Andy. To hear him share all his intellect and wit???... maybe Jeannett's readers want to hear more about his sappy, teddy bear, what movies make him cry side:-) You know we love you!!!

J- I hope the car ride is peaceful, quiet and full of 3 sleeping kids!!

andy gibson said...

"Ted, we'll miss you. You were a fortunate man for dying before Obamacare was passed. Had you been under Obamacare, you would have been fortunate enough to die quicker, as your treatments would have been rationed for the good of the nation. Rest in Peace my friend." - Gib.

In all serious, you have to respect the fact that the guy served 47 years and has quite a legacy. But I won't lose sleep over him, and will likely make it a point to forget a lot of that legacy. His brother did get us to the moon, though.....

Socialized medicine will be horrible. There is a reason Canadians come down to treat major illnesses themselves when the system takes too long or won't do it, ala committee. And forcing it on small business will damage small business. I know I'll be firing my employees if my hand is forced into something I can't afford.

But regardless, we're screwed, because now that Ted is dead, they will push socialized medicine harder and they'll probably name the darn bill after him now.

Overall, as of the bailouts and the state's finalcial crisis, my policy is to forever vote against incumbents, regardless of party lines (unless they are major hippie). Unless we wise up, we are on our way to becoming a "second-nation", economically of course. We're going to be 20 trillion in the hole by 2020. That exceends our GDP by 6 trillion. Do the math, we're screwed, wait and see.

Jeannett, this isn't politics, this is "healthcare" discussion.

Moving on.

What's next?

Kristen said...

*crickets chirping*

Still waiting to hear about your undying love for Jeannett, how you two met, etc. What made you fall for her? Was it her dashing good looks, her charm, what? ;)

andy gibson said...

The crickets are good in my mind.. Either everybody at least partially agrees, or doesn't care to argue.

As for the love story, isn't that best told chick to chick?

Lisa Leonard said...

can't wait to hear about your adventure. i always make sure not to drink anything when i go on a long drive with the boys. one time i sat in la traffic for a couple hours and i had to pee so bad--but i was by myself and both the boys were little and stopping was NOT an option. xoxo

Brianna Heldt said...

I do enjoy hearing Andy's thoughts...and the crickets were a nice touch too. :)

There's nothin' but love for Obama and his healthcare plan in Denver (well, except for at our house), so it's nice to hear another side.

My question for you Andy is, what reform do you think is needed? What would be best?