Thursday, August 27, 2009

6 Minutes

The other day the TV was on in the background and someone said something about the fact that your brain only needs to be deprived of oxygen for 6 minutes before you die.

I've heard that before.

It was one of those factoids you harbor somewhere in the recesses of your memory.

I probably could have gotten it right if it were a Jeopardy question.

But that day, that little fact...that short sentence...

...had me stop dead in my tracks.


I think I even audibly gasped.

I realized at *that* moment how lucky I was...

...that I had three napping children to account for.

The difference between Jill being here...and not...

how long?

How long was she deprived of oxygen?

2 minutes?

1 minute?

5 minutes?

We will never know.

But I am astounded at the idea that just a few more *MINUTES* difference...not hours, not days...but MINUTES...

How often are you 5 minutes late to something?

How quickly does 10 minutes pass when you are doing something you love?

If I told you you had 2 minutes to complete a task, wouldn't you scoff?

6 minutes.

My sweet friend Lisa, who has a special needs child, asked me the other day how I felt about the fact that Jill might have some type of delay or disability...

"I'm not afraid of it.
I'll take Jill any way that God wants to give her to me."

God is so good.


Mama Mote said...

6 minutes? Never knew that. Wow! That precious Jill...Thank You, Lord, for taking care of Jill and bringing her to the Gibsons. Thank You for protecting her and Lucy and I pray for strength for Jeannett and Andy as they raise these girls AND Henry in Your strength and teach them about You and Your love. God bless the Gibson family. Amen.

Kristen said...


Priscilla said...

Oh, my, Jeannett! Amen and ditto to what Robbin said! (I did know that about "6 minutes")

Mary Kay said...

You made me tear up, Jeannett. Give that baby (and the other 2) kisses and hugs from me.

AMEN to Mama Mote's prayer.

Joanie said...

Amen again to Robbin's precious prayer.

Sweet Baby Jill - we are so glad you are here.