Monday, June 15, 2009

Under Pressure

(Anyone else can't help but hear the David Bowie song when you read the title???)

Lots to say so I'll put it in bullet points:

  • The girls have "dropped". I feel like I have a bowling ball between my legs. Some days it's just uncomfortable. Other days I am on the verge of tears all day from pain.
  • Had an OB appointment on Friday...Baby longer breech...she's now transverse....lying horizontally across my belly with her head on my right side and her butt on my left. (So the girls are in a T formation).
  • Come to find out, my OB is only on-call 1 out of 3 weekends. One would think I would have been informed of this earlier??? When I asked about these other two doctors and how they felt about a non-head down delivery of Baby B, he said he didn't know. (HELLO???!!!) Long story short, one of the doctors is fine with it...the other would do an automatic c-section if both babies aren't head down. C-R-A-P. I'm not happy. And that's putting it lightly. So, let's hope I go into labor during the week...
  • One more week to go and I'll be 36 weeks!!!
  • Bedrest is boring. The "good" part is that I physically can't stand longer than a few minutes without feeling contractions or otherwise completley out of it. So, that makes it "easier" to stay off my feet. I am, however, getting a little cabin fever. (Andy's mom is here taking care of us while I'm basically worthless).
  • Henry woke up this morning throwing up and filling his diaper. Andy's not feeling great. I'm feeling a little green myself. Perfect timing, no?
Happy Monday!


Mike and Rachel said...

Have you considered gertting induced while your doctor is available to give you a higher chance of a vaginal birth? I was induced with both my girls, one because my water broke and one because I passed my due date and wanted her out. But it was a pleasant experience with Ainsley... not so much with Aubrey though.

The other option is prayer. I will be praying that your doctor is available for you whenever they come. I had my preferred doctor with both my births and really enjoyed having the familiarity when push came to shove.

joy said...

oh, jeannett, i'm so sorry. i'm so thankful that andy's mom is there for you guys right now. i'll be praying for everything. is there anything else i can do for you?

Mommy Laity said...


Mama Mote said...

Oh, Jeannett. Sounds like it's getting closer, though. Hang in there, girl. Will continue to pray for you. And hope you all feel better soon.