Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Twin Belly Shot: 34 weeks

Notice how my shirt has this fancy built in feature that keeps me from getting overheated.

State of the art, I tell ya.

Nothing but the best.

Yes, I chopped my head off.

Being on bedrest doesn't translate into a lot of desire or motivation to actually look somewhat decent. So, basically, I looked like hell. Bad enough that I wasn't about to post it on the world wide web.

Vanity, thy name is Jeannett.

I measured myself around...48 inches.

INCHES, people, INCHES!!!

That's four FEET.

So basically, I'm almost as wide around as I am tall.


I dare anyone to say that I don't look like I'm carrying twins.

In fact, I would advise that even if you *DO* think it, that you keep it to yourself for fear that I just might claw your eyes out.


Glad we had this talk.

Here's a bare belly shot.

Stretch marks and all.

Yup, they showed up. A few weeks ago. I totally thought I was in the clear.

I blame it all on Lindsey.

She pointed them out to me...small ones...and ever since she blew their covert operation, they've come out full force.

Funny that I'll chop my head off, but post my stretch mark laden belly...interesting. I wonder why it's different? I guess because I figure that they aren't going away, so I might as well embrace it.

Besides, wasn't there discussion a while back about us women embracing our bodies regardless of the changes???

Yeah, that was it.

Say it with me:

Two more weeks...two more weeks...


joy said...

I can't see any stretch marks in the picture, jeannett and your belly is beautiful! You have two babies in there! That's so crazy. Two more weeks, Two more weeks,

Jacquelyn said...

can't see the stretch marks either ;)
those aren't Andy's shorts are they? Why are "husband pants" so comfy? I'm wearing Phillip's right now and Isaac is almost 2 months old ...

christine said...

duuuuude, i don't want to share the inches that measure around my belly! I could quite give you some competition without any BOB's (babies on board). I'm amazed that you have made it this far, i thought term for twins was earlier.

you should take a picture while on you knees and holding Henry's wheel barrel! you'll be able to laugh about it later.

Joanie said...

These are some remarkable numbers. Congratulations on getting this far - it takes hard work to keep those precious girls in there.

Mommy Laity said...

Two more weeks, two more weeks... =)

Does that sound like an eternity to you?

Brianna Heldt said...

okay you look AWESOME! i love that there are twins in that belly, and you look beautiful. and next time photograph your head because i bet that looks beautiful too! :)

Mama Mote said...

You're just about there, Jeannett. Congratulations for hanging in there like you did, through all that and Henry's surgery, etc. God bless the "two more weeks, two more weeks."

Tamika said...

Two more weeks! I'll say it with you! It likely doesn't feel this way right now but you are doing awesome. Awesome. And in another 8wks you can come back and remind ME of that as you hold your beautiful babies and realize it was all worth it!!

Kristen said...

gi-ga-normas!! seriously, wow, that's so impressive! i cannot imagine how uncomfortable that must be! you are so the woman!!!

gina said...

hello, i just stumbled on your blog by accident. i am a newborn photographer and would love to give you a free session for your newborn twins. here's my site, let me know...


cee.fabee. said...

Oh Jeannett, you look great! People thought I was carrying twins, but nope, I just lugged around a 6 pounder.