Thursday, May 14, 2009

Suicidal Fishie

A few weeks ago, I cleaned Fishie's water.

A couple of hours later, I went into the kitchen to find Fishie laying on the countertop.

Apparently he had jumped out.

Andy scooped him up and put him back in the water.

Fishie was still alive.

Although I think he may have suffered permanent brain damage because he never seemed to be his old self after that.

I cleaned his bowl yesterday.

Then I went to an OB appointment and had a playdate.

When I got home Fishie had jumped out of his bowl again.

This time, it was too late. Fishie had passed on and was now in fishie heaven.

Apparently he doesn't like clean bowls?

Is it terrible of me that I don't feel the least bit bad?

I figure he obviously didn't have the will to live and we should just respect his wishes, right?

Maybe he had a fishie girlfriend at Petsmart that he missed? He just couldn't go on without her?

Yeah, that was probably it. Totally.

How romantic.


Mike and Rachel said...

Perhaps the water was too cold??? I used to have a Beta and I think I had two bowls and switched him when I cleaned the other one so the water was still room temp.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Nope. Still going with the girlfriend theory. That's much more plausible.


(And you know, never even occurred to me...oh well, I'm in NO hurry to replace him, so it'll be a while before I experiment with water temp!)

Peggy said...

How did Henry take the news??

Poor little boy--his "Fishie" is dead :-(

You must have a decent funeral for "Fishie"

You should check with Uncle Duncan about the water--he has had many betas.


Jeannett Gibson said...

Henry doesn't even know. I don't think he'll even notice. He lost interest in Fishie after a few days. I just picked him up with a paper towel and threw him in the trash. Not very glamorous, but then again, he obviously hated his new home...

Diana Fabricio said...

i would jump out too if i stuck in that little cup and getting fed only when you remember! he was trying to jump into the sink to live!!!!!!!! lol

Penny Malley said...

I wish fish knew how to read. I'd make ours read this and hopefully, he'd take the hint...
I'm so over fish.

Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

I'll give you the "lost his will to live" theory. You took care of "Godzilla" for how many years... 6?? And I do remember how many times you tried to kill off that poor guy and but his will was too strong. Oh the memories of Godzilla!!!

andy gibson said...

Try 9 years Marci, and guess who came to the rescue every time.

summer... said...

wow. you kill fish! that's awesome! we kill rabbits. thats a whole other story. poor henry. first he gets hit that he is going to have two younger sisters & now his fishie jumps out of the bowl. poor little cutie.