Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I feel like an alcoholic...

I've never been a huge "drinker", but I certainly enjoy a glass of wine after a long, busy day...or even a Hefeweizen with a lemon on a hot summer afternoon.

But not every day. Or even all that often.

Being pregnant makes me crave alcohol. Likely because I can't have it.

And it makes me sad that it will be a long while until I can have any since I'll likely be nursing the girls.

So, the more I think about not being able to have any, the more I want some.

I will admit, however, to indulging in one cup of coffee the last few mornings. A girl can only give up so much!


Tracy Regusci said...

When nursing: I will admit to pump and dumping with both my kids and I will also admit to have a drink not dumping and getting a really good night sleep!!

I learned with Matteo that alcohol stays in your milk as long as it does in your bloodstream so if you nurse have a drink by the time you nurse again most likely all the alcohol has left your milk supply kind of weird huh! So, a drink might be sooner then you feel!

Jeannett Gibson said...

I was told that it takes 12 hours to get to your milk...and I had such a hard time with nursing Henry that the thought of pumping and dumping sounds TERRIBLE!!!

joy said...

Man--I craved hot dogs when I was pregnant. I don't even really like them all that much, but because we're not supposed to eat them while pregnant, it made me want them, too. What is it about forbidden fruit?

Michelle said...

I know what you mean. I was pregnant two Cinco de Mayo's ago & went to a small party at a friend's home. EVERYone around me was drinking frothy, delicious looking margaritas & i was about ready to snatch one out of their hands!! I'm normally not much of a hard alcohol person at all, but i sure was THAT night, ha ha.

Diana Fabricio said...

you always want what you cant have at the time! its life! its your mind messing with you... its like when your under 21 you want to drink so bad and do it every chance you get but once your 21 its like whatever! or how about lent i gave up hot cheetos i love them but still only eat them like 1 once a month or every two weeks but oh man i wanted them everyday, i couldnt even go into a liqour store without trying to pick up a