Friday, May 22, 2009

Surgery Side Story

"I didn't tell you this yesterday because I didn't want to freak you out...but when you were napping during Henry's surgery, one of the other moms in the waiting room got a phone call from the OR...her baby was having heart surgery to repair a hole in her was supposed to be just like Henry's surgery...just a cathedar in her groin...and apparently something went wrong and they were having to do emergency open heart surgery and it would be at least another 3-4 hours..."

Thank you Andy for having the wherewithall to not tell me this yesterday. And thank you Lord for having me asleep during this phone call...

I only post this because it reminded me of the seriousness of our ordeal.

I certainly didn't want to make things a bigger deal than they needed to be, but I also didn't want to forget the gravity of my son's heart surgery.

Before the surgery, sometimes people would say things like "well, at least it's not a big deal..." or "oh that sounds pretty routine..." I know they meant well...they were likely trying to reassure me or make me feel better, so I'm not saying that they were purposely belittling the experience. But, I always felt a *tad* frustrated at those comments.

I knew that his valvioplasty (?) was a relatively "simple" procedure with relatively low complication rates. I was infinitely grateful that we were able to go the "easy" route. I didn't *really* worry too much about complications...but I did know that IF something were to go would go REALLY wrong. There was really no middle ground. Either it was going to go smooth as silk (which thankfully it did), or it was going to go horribly wrong.

This was my son's heart. A vital organ. You could go from "simple procedure" to losing your child on that table in a matter of minutes.

I didn't freak out about this too much, I knew the statistics, but in the back of my head I knew it was a possibility. It doesn't happen often, but it happens to some people...and I desperately didn't want to be one of those people.

I often prayed: "Please do not have the doctor come to me in the waiting room with his cap in his hand and looking at his feet..."

With Henry's boundless energy today it's been almost too easy to forget about yesterday's events. But I am humbled at the reminder that we were very blessed, and I don't want to forget that.

We have no idea whatever happened to that little girl. I'm really hoping that she ended up okay and other than a few stressful hours and a big scar, she'll be just fine.


summer... said...

the kids and i prayed for henry during his surgery. jeanette... i am so glad it went well. i am so thankful that there were no complications! and that henry is doing well! wow. what an amazing answer to the prayers of so many people, but really the prayer of a mom who's heart is for her little guy... and girls

joy said...

Dang! How amazing that you were asleep during that call! How our Father has cared for you and your family even in the details. And, I'll pray for that mom and her daughter.

jenny said...

I'm so happy that everything went well for Henry's surgery... and I can't believe how GOOD he is sounding! That, in and of itself, is a huge praise to our Lord for the medical advancements. I know what you mean about people's comments... although my daughter's was not heart surgery, we felt the severity of her surgeries. People so often would try and make us feel better (or something like that) by saying, "Well, at least it's not something serious..." or "Oh, what the doctors can do today is amazing... you won't even notice!" Uhhhh, have you ever had YOUR baby go under for a 3-hour surgery?? Anyways, all this to say I feel like the Lord has given us a new understanding in how to comfort and "weep with those who weep", wouldn't you say?

Jeannett Gibson said...

EXACTLY Jenny! (and don't keep saying "it wasn't heart surgery"...because now YOU are just doing it!!!) :)

Jacquelyn said...

A baby in a hospital is always a huge deal. A baby under anesthesia is always a huge deal. I guess with such an amazingly small incision there is less of a risk of infection? Praise the Lord for modern medicine! (BTW, how are YOU feeling? worn out? are you getting enough rest?)

Jeannett Gibson said...

I'm fine. We spent the whole day yesterday in the clothing equivalent of sweats and t-shirts...never left the house, just vegged out as a family. Today has been about the same, although I think a friend, Henry and I will go to the Strawberry Festival while Andy does some Honey Do's around the house...