Thursday, April 16, 2009

Twin Belly Shot: 26 weeks, 4 days

As promised, here is my latest belly I mentioned before, I am measuring 37 centimeters (for those of you who don't understand why that is a singleton pregnancy, your uterus typically grows 1 centimeter for every week of if you are 20 weeks along, you should measure about 20 cm, give or, in my case, my uterus/belly is already as big as if I were basically full term with one baby!). And as a side note, this is probably about as big as I EVER got with Henry (he was born at 36 1/2 weeks)!!!

For reference, this is me at 27 weeks with Henry.

My shirts are riding up at the bottom and unless I'm constantly pulling them down, they don't really cover the bottom of my belly anymore. Yeah, that's attractive. Now was NOT the time for me to start wearing midriffs!

I've gained a pretty obscene amount of weight so far...32 pounds!!!'s to hoping it magically melts off later.

So, for now, I may still not look like I'm having twins, but pretty much any future growth beyond this and I will be larger than a single full term pregnancy...and remember, I still have a minimum of 10 weeks to go!


Joanie said...

Cute Mommy!

(I always love the comparisons you give us, though I do feel for you and this whole new world of baby carrying you're going through.)

Kristen said...

wow! awesome belly!

the comparison is amazing!

Brianna Heldt said...

YOU GO GIRL! LOVE that belly! LOVE that there are TWO girls in there!!!! You look great!

joy said...

Yay! you look so cute! and I don't know--maybe you could start a new trend of maternity mid-riffs? just a thought.

Lisa said...

Twins! I always wanted twins, got 2 girls but a couple years apart. I found you on my google readers recommendations, hope you don't mind if I stick around. I seen about your little boy,hope all is well there.
Have a great day! :)Lisa

Diana Fabricio said...

wow what a difference, and u look alot tanner with Henry too...Wierd must of gotten more sun with him...either way your still beautiful..