Thursday, April 16, 2009

Twin Baby Shower #1

My mom threw me a really fun baby shower on April 4th. I know, it's been a while, but between the news of Henry's surgery, the latest orders from the doctor, and just being plain exhausted, I haven't gotten around to posting. (Sorry Mom!)

The room was decorated so cute with lots of pink and some lime green thrown in. (And not a single streamer! I'm proud of you Mom!)

How fun is this cake?! The top tier was white cake with strawberry and whipped cream filling and the bottom was chocolate with chocolate filling. Yum.

In true Mom fashion, there was MORE THAN ENOUGH food to go around.

The back patio for spill over...

Note to self for next baby shower...try to not sit with your legs WIDE open (this was about the only picture out of 40 of me opening gifts that was even halfway decent!)...and be sure to keep the girls in check (and no, I'm not talking about the babies in this case!). And shhhh...I'll likely be wearing this dress to my next shower, so pretend you've never seen it! :)

There were a lot of people there...probably 40 or so...and I was SO SO SO humbled by everyone's generosity. It seriously took me over an hour to open all of my gifts...every gift bag had like 6 or more outfits in it! Every time I commented on this, I would hear "But we just couldn't help it! It was so FUN to shop for twin girls!!!" Needless to say, I won't have to buy ANY clothes for the girls (talking about the babies now) for the next least!!!

Thank you to everyone who came and who helped pull it all together! I know how much work a shower can be, so I truly appreciate it.

Now, onto my next shower...this Saturday!!! :)


Joanie said...
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Joanie said...

Oops. Sometimes my typing and proofreading is atrocious.

What a fun shower! Did you get a lot of matching outfits? Just stack them in opposite order in the drawer and that way they won't come close to wearing the same thing! :)

I so want to go to your shower this weekend, but have family coming over. You'll be in my thoughts though!

Brianna Heldt said...

too fun!!! love it! that food looks amazing.

wishing i could be at your saturday shower. :( i'll be thinking about ya!

Michelle said...

Yes, your cups definitely runneth over.