Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Boy

My crazy, goofy, boy.

My never stopping, always moving, forever grinning boy.

My boy who makes this silly face every. single. time. he is being scolded...thinking that maybe, just maybe, if he's cute enough, he won't get into trouble.

My boy with ketchup on the end of his nose because sitting still long enough for mom to clean you up is just way too much to ask.

My boy who is convinced that he runs faster the louder he screams.

My boy whose various caregivers have said to me:

-"I wish I had his energy!"
-"He's so silly and never quits!"
-"Of all 14 of the kids, he's the loudest."
-"Here's your gift wrapped tornado!"

I'm always careful to ask for clarification. After all, it's one thing to have a crazy rambunctious boy, and another altogether to have a bratty boy who misbehaves. No, I'm told, "he's wonderful, we had lots of fun!" or "no, he was great!...he just never sat still!"

Monica tells me that he shares his toys, is gentle with the others, gives hugs freely, and listens to direction...he's just always loud and moving.

Andy's mom told me this (true) story of one day when she picked him up from Kindergarten:
"Hi Mrs. Gibson. We were wondering if we could have your permission to give little Andy a hearing test."
"Well, he doesn't seem to hear us sometimes and he's just so LOUD."
Needless to say the hearing test came back just fine...

Sweet crazy boy...how you bring so much joy to this mama's heart. I love your craziness, I love your loudness, I love how you live life to the extreme every waking minute.


Mary Kay said...

As I started to read this post, I was thinking that Henry was SO like Andy when he was little. And the kinder story is a little worse - what they told me was Andy was NOT doing what he was told and he yelled all the time, so they thought they should test his hearing! Andy was either moving or asleep. Thank goodness for good sleepers - at least you have that with Henry. I'm so thankful for this blog so I can keep up with you all from afar. Love you all!

joy said...

ah-- a gift wrapped tornado. that is so descriptive! he's so cute.