Monday, March 9, 2009

Growing Up So Fast

My little boy is growing up so fast. I feel like in just the last few weeks he has matured and become more grown up right before my eyes. He went through a RIDICULOUS whiny stage for a couple of the point where I just really didn't like him. I loved him, but I didn't like him very much some days. Well, I am SO happy to report that besides a few spats of whining here and there, he has stopped. His vocabulary continues to grow steadily and he is able to express his thoughts clearly, even if it's not through the English language. :)

Lately, he's also been fighting his high chair. He hated it, hated being in it, threw his food to the dogs, and was just a plain PUNK at mealtimes. Friends of ours were getting rid of a bunch of furniture, so we scored: big time. One of our treasures were a pair of "high" chairs...little wooden kids chairs that you can pull right up to the kitchen table. These have been nothing short of a GOD SEND. He sits quietly, eats happily and finishes every morsel of food without a single peep. He begs to sit in his "big boy chair", even if it's just to eat a cracker.

Another HUGE score from our generous friends is a little wooden table and chairs set which we put in his room. I bought him his very own set of (washable) crayons and a sketchbook. THE KID LOVES IT. He now plays in his room, coloring, setting up his wooden train set, whatever...for HOURS. Last week while I was working from home, he seriously played in his room for TWO hours without ever once bugging me. I would pop my head in just to see what he was doing (my computer is in the hallway just outside his bedroom), only to find him quietly scribbling or lining up his crayons in a straight line, or rolling a car across the table. My baby has suddenly grown up and even wants to hang out in his own room! How did this happen???!!!

As a side note, having your kids go to daycare is sometimes a surprising thing...the last few times I have pulled out my camera, he grins this big goofy grin and says "CHEESE!!!"...I've never asked him to say he must have picked that up at's kinda weird to have your kid do something that you *know* you didn't teach them.


Peggy said...

Yes, my dear they do grow fast! Don't blink too long or you will open your eyes and he will be 21!!

Love you all,

summer... said...

what a little munchkin! i completely understand one of your first statements about loving your kids but not liking what they are doing. i think of my kids: (hopefully not too loud or too often) that i love them, but i don't like them right now (when they are bad)... i have a few other quick things i think too. you're a good mom!