Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tip: How to Get AAA There Faster

If, say, you are driving down the freeway and all of a sudden your car starts buzzing at you...and you notice that there are various dash lights on, and you then find yourself pulling off the freeway and frantically calling your husband who is at a conference and not answering...and then realize you have a AAA card in your wallet...make sure to tell them the following:

"How long does it typically take for the tow truck to get here?"
"30 minutes m'am."
"Um, I'm pregnant with twins, alone and in a dress...think you could get them here a little faster?"
"I'll put a rush on it."

Ten minutes later, a nice man in a tow truck is there.

The last time Andy and I needed a tow, we waited almost FIVE HOURS.

So, moral of the story: give them a sob story. tell them you are fat and pregnant and vulnerable. even if it's not true. and be sure to leave out the parts about being in a nice residential neighborhood in ultra-safe Orcutt in the middle of a beautiful spring day with a friend on the way to keep you company just in case. :)

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joy said...

10 minutes--that's really good. and they should have been fast for you. quick thinking to tell them your whole story. sadly,that wouldn't have occurred to me.