Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just a Quick Note

To say that I reserve the right to change my mind entirely about the dressing alike thing. I'm not saying that I *have* changed my mind (because I haven't), but reading around on some twin sites about the topic, a few interesting comments have been made. Namely, that you just might not have enough brain power to actually choose TWO different outfits. It's just easier to pick one and go with it. Also, is the fact that lots of times, the kids WANT to dress alike.

And, to be honest, the idea of them having matching coming home outfits IS kinda cute...

Anyway, pretty pointless, but I just wanted to say that if you see my girls in identical outfits, please don't crucify me for it.

I am allowed to change my mind. Aren't all women???


Jacquelyn said...

I thought it was funny that after your post yesterday my boys woke up and decided to dress in identical outfits! Sometimes the mommies don't have any say in what the kids wear :)

Jeannett Gibson said...

Then I will have the energy to choose two outfits.


Joanie said...

OF COURSE you have the right to change your mind! I changed mine about pink, that's for sure. Now I love it as much as I did in Jr. High, because it is just so much fun having feminine girly girls who love pink!

It took me A LOT longer to change my mind about being anti-princess. I didn't want the girls getting spoiled or having a wierd idea of a perfect prince rescuing them. But in the vein of being God's princesses...oh, allright.

Speaking of clothes, I'm sorting the girls' outgrown clothes. Would you like some of them, or are you already inundated? FYI, most are not matching - sorry! ;)