Monday, March 2, 2009

The Things People Ask

When people find out we are having twins, I get the FUNNIEST comments:

-Were you guys using fertility drugs?
Really? Don't you think this is a bit personal? Are twins ONLY possible via the doctor's office??? No m'am. Just good old fashioned sex. (Hey, you're the one who asked!)

-Wow, what do you think of Octo-Mom?
Just because I (naturally) conceived twins doesn't mean I am suddenly in the same club as she is. I wish her the best. I am overwhelmed at the thought of two, I can't imagine eight.

-Have you heard of the lady that had EIGHT babies???
Yup. At least three times a day.

-You sure it's only two??? You know, with the Octuplet mom they thought it was only seven...
Yeah, "only" two. Seen them a few times. Four arms and four legs is plenty thankyouverymuch.

-Oh, so you didn't want to be like the lady who had eight babies?
Enough with Octo Mom! Please.

-Wow! You are so small! Are you SURE you're having twins???
Look people, while I would normally appreciate people telling me I'm small, in this case, it drives me bananas. First of all, YES we are sure we're having twins. Furthermore, BOTH girls measured on track and perfectly according to their gestation...for SINGLETONS. I must carry "far back" or whatever, but I am SURE we are having twins. Give me a few weeks, I have a feeling it's all gonna catch up...nevermind the 20 pounds I've gained...

In other news, Andy is hoping the girls are ugly. He figures that will keep the boyfriend aspect away as long as possible.


Mike and Rachel said...

We did have a set of triplets in the school I taught at. The doctor's assured their parents it was only twins. :) They are 15 now, so I am sure your doctor got it right, technology has come a long way.

Kristen said...

no chance those girls will be ugly!

joy said...

yeah, tell andy he's probably out of luck. i don't think they'll be ugly--but we can always hope, right? sorry--i think i was one of the people who mentioned john and kate plus eight to you and i frequently ask you if you're having twins and tell you that you look small. sorry! :) but i did offer the suggestion that henry have only ugly friends--so, you see? i'm trying to be helpful.

Tracy Regusci said...

I can remember the retarded questions people use to ask about the triplets. Including, are they girls? (they were in a pink jogging stroller, wearing pink dresses!) I was mean, I told them "No, they are boys, but we believe in let them express their feminine side." The mom asked me if it had been a rough day! Trust me the questions never end.

BeckyandTroy said...

So are you sure you are having twins :)? My dad and uncle are twins, a couple of my mom's cousins are twin. My oldest sister's first two are twins. All products of old-school method and all identical. I guess I didn't realize that having twins was such an unusual thing that people would actually question you on it.

Troy (the sole dude to comment on this post...sweet)

andy gibson said...

Here's a post, is that better Troy? Guys have to stick together.

Brianna Heldt said...

yeah, people are fascinated with twins and LOVE to talk about them. maybe start praying that they'll be identical? that would sure have saved me some hassle.

shows like john and kate plus 8 drive me NUTS.

poor octo-mom. people have been so mean.

okay i cannot WAIT to see these babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cara said...

Hey - have you heard about that lady that had 8 babies? Ha Ha just kidding:) I have a nice double stroller that I'm going to be trying to sell...I'm pretty sure it takes two infant car seats. Let me know if you are interested ( Hope you are feeling well! -Cara

summer... said...

hahahaha! you are so freaking hilarious. i laughed so hard catching up on your blog posts that i actually had a tear come to my eye! i even had to read a few to todd... we need to get to know you both a little better. you seem like such fun peps. your girls WILL be so stinking cute... have you looked at your son lately? he's adorable.