Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

Henry made this for me at daycare. I laugh out loud EVERY time I go into the kitchen. I just cannot get over the *stupid* look on his face..mouth half open...son, close your mouth...flies will go in!

As you know, life around here is busy, busy, busy. I am the type of person who CANNOT relax until all of my "projects" are done. Ok, so I almost always have projects, but the ones of late have been more "urgent". Anyway, in case you haven't been in the market for new construction, when you buy a brand new home, unless you pay (lots) extra, you don't get any kind of backyard landscaping. So, you literally open the back door to DIRT. The last 2 owners of this home, never did the backyard...so you guessed it, that means WE get to do the work! Woohoo! The bad part is the money and time...the good part is that we can do it however we want it. The yard is especially "urgent" for us because I literally have to sweep and vacuum at LEAST once a day...with 2 long haired 85 pound dogs, every single time they go in or come out, they bring in about a half ton of dirt, dust, weeds, and burrs. It is driving me absolutely batty.

So, we spent last weekend laying sprinklers. Phase 1 of a multi-phased project.

Andy and the Ditch Witch. Isn't that a great name?!

People always ask me how on earth we get so much done with a little boy to also tend to. After all, we have no family in town, and few friends who live in Santa Maria. When we did the exterior painting, he crawled around the driveway and front lawn a lot, but he can't do that back here. The boy is a great napper...and it certainly helps that he is in bed for the night by 6:30...which gives us a couple extra hours of daylight. But otherwise, this is how:
He also spends a lot of time in mommy's arms "supervising" daddy's work. Quality control anyone?

I made rice bowls and wontons for dinner. Henry ate TWO whole wontons! If a fried wonton doesn't make him gain weight, I don't know what will!

I'm biased, but I just love his BLUE eyes!

And then there was Abbie. She's been limping around...turns out she had a blister (probably from playing in the raw backyard) and it opened up and was all gross. So I took her to the vet. We left with a hot pink bandage with purple hearts on it, an ear infection, and a $104 bill. Ugh. I think it's a conspiracy...you just cannot ever leave the vet's office without a $100+ wound in your checkbook. Dang, there went some of my landscaping!


cee.fabee. said...

Wow! TWO whole wontons? That's awesome!! I wished Ronin would eat like that. It probably doesn't help that I've never made wontons.

Anyway, you're just like me with the projects, though I wasn't smart enough to think about putting a play pen outside (probably because we never thought to buy one). We just wait for Ronin to take his two hour nap in the late morning/early afternoon to do some yard work.

Jacquelyn said...

blue eyes rock! so do pack'n' plays. I know it is kind of sad to have a skinny baby but some kids are just like that. I'm still waiting for Eiot to grow a butt so he can keep his pants up. When he gets ready to do any running he grabs a handfull of his pants before taking off. What are you going to landscape with? just grass or will you be getting fancy?

Jeannett Gibson said...

We're doing mostly grass, with planters for flowers and whatnot along the sides and back. We're also pouring more concrete for a larger patio area and building a trellis for some shade. Not super fancy...especially considering that we don't have any money in the budget for plants! So, we'll have green grass bordered by dirt for a while. :)

Joy said...

you don't waste any time--i love it. ahhh, yes the landscaping project. who knew green, growing stuff was so expensive? i always want new plants in the yard and then i go price them out and decide that what we have is adequate. can't wait to see the finished yard. and, it's so great that henry is happy in the pack and play. his blue eyes are indeed beautiful!

Diana Fabricio said...

Poor Abbie, winston had an ear infection too... its gross if you smell there ear it smells like yeast or something... its nasty.. anyways cant wait to see you guys this weekend

Jeannett Gibson said...

Um, yeah...won't be smelling her ear anytime soon. ICK!

Kristen Borland said...

i agree, those blue eyes are really amazing!

i love how you keep him occupied while you work. reminds me of when i used to take zeb swimming in the pool when nehemiah was a baby--if he wasn't napping (and i'd have the monitor outside with us), then he was swinging in his baby swing in the shade. or if it was 100+ degrees outside, i'd put him inside (in the swing), right in front of the sliding glass door, with the monitor on, while we played in the pool. you just have to get creative!

Sugar Plum said...

I love Hen watching/hanging out in the backyard. You guys get more done in a month around the house, than we do in a year!!! You go girl! Love the new pics of Hen and poor Abby.

Brianna Heldt said...

okay that picture of henry cracks me up!

love seeing him out in the yard, too funny. you guys are making so much progress, can't wait to see all the "after" pics!