Monday, May 5, 2008

Our Morning

...started out groggy, then was funny and light...and then ended in blood and guts. Okay, not guts, but plenty of blood nonetheless.

Henry woke up really early for some reason (read: 5:15). He wouldn't go back to sleep so I figured that I would give him that haircut I've been meaning to do for the last few weeks.

Before: Chewing on mommy's toothbrush.

You know you need to give your kid a haircut when a lady at the grocery store says "He has so much looks FAKE!" Thanks lady.

After: Buzzed down to a 3. A little short, but it'll grow back...quickly.

Then I figured that I'd kill 2 birds with one stone. I needed to shower and he needed a bath to get all of the hair off him. So, I tossed him in the shower with me and let him crawl around on the floor while I cleaned up. We've done this before when Daddy is out of keeps him contained and happy because he's near mommy.

When we were all done, I hopped out and grabbed a towel, threw it on Henry, and scooped him up. When I did that, I heard a little "pop" when you stick your tongue inside a soda bottle. He screamed. I thought that maybe his little balls had gotten sucked down the drain and I had inadvertantly pulled them up causing discomfort. When I checked downstairs to make sure the "boys" were okay, I saw that they were and my smile quickly turned to panic when I saw blood...EVERYWHERE. Frantically, I looked for where it was coming from and all I could think was I ripped off his penis and now it's down in the drain pipes somewhere and we'll never get it back!!! And then I saw that his hand was covered in blood, so then my thought was I ripped off his finger!!! Luckily, I hadn't. Apparently, he had stuck his thumb down one of the little drain holes and I scooped him up and the it tore up the skin on his little finger that was already all soft and smooshy from the water! Poor baby!

Now imagine a first time mom, home alone, with her baby screaming hysterically and blood all over the place! I kept holding his thumb to stop the bleeding, but it wouldn't stop. I wasn't sure if he needed stitches, not to mention how I would logistically get there. Remember, I was still sopping wet myself, home alone, with a bleeding baby that I would somehow have to get dressed, then get myself dressed, load him into a carseat and drive to the ER. Not impossible, but man, that would have been crazy! So, I called my friend Lynette at 6:15 in the morning and she was kind enough to assure me that if it didn't look too deep, it probably didn't need stitches and to put a band-aid on it. I knew that, but I kinda just needed someone else to know that my baby was bleeding. (Andy's cell phone was dead so I couldn't get a hold of him). Anyway, it was dramatic, but he's all cleaned up, has a bandage on his ouchie, a little Tylenol in his tummy to calm him down, and napping peacefully. And all before 6:30! Now I gotta quit blogging and go get ready for work! Whew!
Mom...what is this on my finger?!

Maybe I can chew it off?
The finger. Amazing how much it bled!!! I thought at first that I had ripped it off entirely!


Jacquelyn said...

I'm so sorry for Henry's misfortune but I am laughing my head off! You really thought his ---- had broken off! I can't imagine your state of mind. Good thing you didn't dislocate his finger. Scratches heal pretty fast if you can get them to keep the bandaid on.

Diana Fabricio said...

ahh poor henry, hes such a dork and so are you!! well atleast you didnt have anything else cut off! lol

*aron* said...

OMG poor henry!!! what a CRAZY morning!! ahhhh! i would have called Lynette too :)

btw he is SOOO freaking cute. ALL the pics you have posted lately are just adorable... even when he is covered in blood :)

BeckyandTroy said...

Oh, my goodness you poor thing!!! How very scary. Glad Hen is in one piece!

Kristen Borland said...

it is the scariest thing in the world to see blood on your baby! glad it's all okay!!

Brianna Heldt said...

oh my gosh you thought his manhood got caught in the drain, HA!

seriously i'm so sorry, that's awful!!! (not an hour after i read this post, yosef tripped and kicked kaitlyn accidentally in the mouth, all of a sudden blood was gushing everywhere and i thought oh no did he knock a tooth out?! but no, she'd bit her own lip.)

good luck keeping the bandaid on, that is the hard part!!

K said...

Oh dear God, I would have FREAKED! Good for you for handling it so well...what a crazy morning!

Lisa Leonard said...

you are so funny! glad everything is in tact. this lynette sounds like a keeper--tells you about estate sale finds, calms your fears when baby is hurt, can I have her #??

cee.fabee. said...

Oh man....that's a lot of blood!! You handled it really well! I would have totally freaked out, slipped on something and gotten hurt as well.

I hope Henry's finger heals soon.

BTW, I'm still contemplating the reunion. I suppose it doesn't help that I told my husband to throw away the invitation. :-)

cee.fabee. said...

Also, how did you get Henry to stay seated while giving him a buzz cut?

I could barely keep Ronin seated when I'm feeding him. I can't imagine trying to cut his hair without help. I might end up buzzing off his eyebrows!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Cham-I just sat him on the bathroom countertop and buzzed away. I was actually pretty surprised by how easy it was. Every other time we've given him a hair cut, Andy was home to help. But he just sat there...I think chewing on my toothbrush helped keep him distracted...YUCK!

Joy said...

havne't read your blog in awhile. love the pics of henry crawling through the doggy door and the stairs. score on the furniture finds! that rocks. so sorry about henry's finger! that must have been scary and i was totally laughing that you thought you ripped his penis off. i knew it couldn't really be that because you were blogging about it. glad he didn't need stitches!

lindsey cheney said...

oh my gosh! you tell the best stories!!!! poor little guy! we just gave silas a haircut last night too. not so good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeannett, it's Charlotte from highschool :) Is it okay if I linked your blog to mine (I just created a blogspot)? I like how you write - it's full of pizzaz! you're a spunky momma :) and so sorry about your morning... that must've been a WILD ride!