Monday, May 19, 2008

Hanging out in L.A.

Last weekend we drove down to So Cal to celebrate my cousin Alexis' first communion and cousin Nick's 16th birthday. We had a great time hanging out with family...even if it was like 100 degrees the whole time! We did squeeze in a trip to IKEA...and came home with $80 worth of Swedish toys and paraphanalia for Henry. Remind me to never take Andy with me again...everytime I turned around he was tossing some toy into the cart. I got out of there with a $0.99 toilet bowl brush! Woohoo!

Henry was a bit of a pill though. He was STUCK to me all weekend. He wanted nothing to do with anyone except for mommy. I could hardly get away long enough to go to the bathroom! I think that the change of venue, poor napping schedule, terrible nights of crying and fussing, and lots of new faces was just too much for him. It's just frustrating because I hate for people to think that he's a whiny kid...because really, he is so much the opposite of that! He is easy going, easily entertained, happy go lucky kind of kid. But if you had been around him this weekend, you would have thought he was obnoxious, whiny and did nothing but cry all the time. So frustrating! Oh well...he's a baby, there's not much I can do to change that.

Henry & Great Grandma.


Joy said...

it's hard to travel with kids. but, we know the truth! and ikea is definitely dangerous!

Lisa Leonard said...

i love henry, whiney or not.

Diana Fabricio said...

KICK THE DOG!!!!!!!! lol i love the pic of him playing the bongos... so cute