Friday, March 12, 2010


Remember all that chatter about some changes happening around these parts???

Well, ladies and gentlemen (come on Troy, I know you stalk my blog...)...




You may not realize it, but lots and lots of work has been going on in my head, heart, and my little corner of the web.

And you get in on it....


as in a few days Monday.

You excited?

I am.

Nervous too.

How sad would it be if I do my big unveil and...


Come back Monday crazy kids!

See ya soon! ;)


Joanie said...

Teas-ee, Peas-ee, Cut it out. What are you up to? I thought this WAS the big reveal.

All kidding aside, I'm very excited and highly doubt that you will hear crickets from our end.

Blessings in your new launch, whatever it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama Mote said...

Hey, Jeannett - Give us a hint! You are so funny. Guess what? I'm coming to SLO this weekend and have something for you. I've GOT TO FIND YOU on Sunday if you're around. Otherwise, email me your address so I can at least drop it off. I'm so afraid I'm going to miss your surprise now since I'm not going to be near my computer. I'll have to try to remember to get on Edna's computer. You teaser, you!!!

Jeannett said...

Robbin-we actually WON'T be at church this week! :( henry has some weird virus where his mouth has erupted in canker sores...took him to the dentist who said it was like chicken pox of the mouth???!!!

AND THEN, Lucy woke up yesterday with little red spots...roseola. She's no longer contagious (now that the spots are out), but Jill will likely break out any day now and she's probably contagious.

email me jeannett_gibson [at] yahooo [dot] com for my address and you can stop by on your way back! :)

MamaBug said...

Ok too thought this was it!!! Can't wait for Monday...but a teeny tiny hint wouldn't hurt now would it? LOL

Sorry to hear your brood is sick....hope they are right as rain soon!

BeckyandTroy said...

Guilty as charged. Troy.

Jess said...

I'm curious to see what tomorrow brings and wish you the best of luck with whatever your endeavor is. I (selfishly) hope you go back to posting about the day to day too. I discovered your blog through TS last summer and since I also have a son and was expecting twin girls I connected with it. I REALLY loved your sense of humor, outlook on life, and especially the way you kept it real. Lately it seems like you took a turn towards mimicking other blogs (giveaways, Friday favorites, etc) and it's felt a bit contrived. Looks like you had a plan and it was intentional so it makes sense now. I don't mean that as an insult, but rather as a compliment for what it was. You're really funny and seem like such a great person. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Jeannett said...

Jess- I totally appreciate your honesty...and I totally agree with you! Here's what happened: I knew that this new "big" thing was coming, and I wanted to boost my reader base first (you'll see why tomorrow) I thought that the best way to get people over was to do giveaways, which is fine. But then, I thought that posting DAILY was what might KEEP people here...and frankly, after a while, you run out of things to write about. I mean, my kids do dumb things, but not enough to give me material for 5 days a week! So, I had to come up with "filler" posts. Things that I could easily use, hence, the Wishing Wednesdays and the Friday Favorites. Combined with the Monday giveaways, that left me with only 2 days to fill with other stuff. Which was probably too little.

I'll still be doing giveaways...but it'll be different. And only every other week. And I'm kinda not liking the Wishing Wednesdays because they feel...materialistic and icky. So maybe those will be an every once in a while thing instead of weekly. So, all that LONG comment to say, thanks for being honest, and YES I got some growing pains to adjust to!

Mama Mote said...

Jeannett, don't worry about it! I ended up not quite ready to give it to you. We are coming up again next weekend, too. I'll connect soon.