Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bloggy Thoughts

Thanks for all the responses on my "to be or not to be" post last week.

It was just kinda weird.

I mean, I have a ticker off to the side...and I saw that it went up daily...I have it set to record unique visits...meaning that if my mom checks to see if I updated my blog 15 times in one day, it still only records her as 1 hit.

And I average 200-300 hits a day.

You would think that would be enough to convince me that people read my little corner of the web.

But you start second guessing yourself.

Am I flattering myself to think anyone cares?

How vain is that?

Maybe people stumble here...you know, by accident. They click around, blog to blog...but they don't really *read* this stuff.

I wasn't "fishing for comments".

That post wasn't the blogger version of the size 0 girl in high school who would ask "Do I look fat?"...just so that you can tell her how skinny she is.


I guess that in all the confidence I try to exude, there's still some insecurity in there too.


And now I'm thinking.

Thinking hard.

Really hard.

Like, hardly-sleeping-I-can't-turn-my-brain-off hard.

27 comments isn't all *that* many.

But what amazed me was the similar theme:
"Thanks for telling like it is...it makes me feel like I'm not the only one..."


Okay. So now I feel...no...I know...that God wants me to do something.

I'm trying to hash out the details, figure out what that something is, how to make it work, what to do next.

I know that might sound weird to a lot of you...but it just is.

No thunderous voices from the heavens, but it's this crazy undeniable feeling that I'm supposed to go one step further and grow this little blog of mine.

Stay tuned, I have some surprises in store.


Give me a couple weeks to work out the details.

Wanna come?


Mary Kay said...

I'm RSVPing. I'm in and I'm praying that God shows you what He has planned!

Peggy said...

Count me in too!! I am soooo enjoying this ride.


heatherlan79 said...

Hi! A friend sent me a link for your blog during my pregnancy with my twin girls! Now that there are here it is fun to watch and hear stories about someone else raising twin girls as well! Just wanted to you to know that your stories are both insightful and fun! Have a great day!

joy said...

hmmmm....can't wait to see what's cooking in that big brain of yours.

lynette said...

You bet I want to come along! It's gonna be fun, innovative, inspirational & motivational because YOU are involved! Can't wait to see what you figure you...and I'm here to help whenever you need it!

Leah said...

I am there! I have your page bookmarked for quicker access. Loved the update about Jillian too.

Dena said...

If your something in store is how in the heck to get these babies to sleep then heck ya, I'll be there:) (really I'll be there anyway)

Mama Mote said...

You betcha!!