Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Me & My Avo (I was pregnant with Hen in this photo).

Do you ever wonder what it is that your kids will remember about their childhood?

One day, when they are grown, married, with babies of their own...what will they wistfully recall about their days when you were their "mommy"...?

I wonder about this sometimes.

Don't worry, I'm not all obsessive about it, it just crosses my mind every once in a while.

Will it be the days I lose my cool and yell "Henry if you ask me ONE. MORE. TIME. you are going to get a TIME OUT!!!!"

Will it be all the times I say "Hold on...let me put away these dishes first..."

Will it be the nights I hurry through dinner so that bedtime can be pushed back just a few minutes earlier?


Will it be singing at the top of our lungs in the kitchen where our voices echo...dancing like fools while the girls sit in their highchairs giggling?

Sneaking into his bed for a few lazy moments and chit chatting about a 2 year old's plans for the day?

Going for walks to the park in the big red wagon?

Reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar for the 1,548th time?

Andy's mom and aunt once told me that one of their most vivid memories were the nights that their mom got all dressed up for nights out with her friends...laying in their beds...they would hear her taffeta skirts rustling down the hallway...their doors creak open...and the scent of her perfume as she leaned in to kiss them goodnight.

Isn't that sweet?

My memories of my grandma revolve around lots of food, lots of cuddling in her bed, gorgeous hydrangeas, and shopping for crafts at Woolworth's. Few things make me more nostalgic.

Joanie once blogged about her grandmother and Avon Pink Bubble Bath. Precious. You really have to read it.

One of the things I look forward to most are crazy, loud Christmases...when the kids are grown, married...babies on my babies hips...laughing, talking...too much food...good wine...lots of people all crammed in the house...and the kids joking and reminiscing on what life was like when Mom and Dad were young...

I can't wait to hear what they have to say.

What memories do you hold near and dear about your childhood?

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Lillian said...

My fondest memories are probably Christmas in L.A. with my relatives. And camping trips with my dad in the mountains. Camping is something that we still do and now we do it with our girls. And Christmas will always be special for me, the same way I hope it is special for them.