Thursday, November 12, 2009

Upgrade! And my adventure this morning...

Andy's Aunt Shelley decided to hand deliver our "family christmas present" yesterday. She hinted that there was no way we could fit it in our car with three kids and all the gear we need...hmmmm....what could it be???

A new, super duper, fancy schmancy wagon.

The wagon that all other wagons secretly wish they could be.

She obviously reads our blog and had seen that our current wagon was just NOT going to cut it.

Henry was...JAZZED.

She made a comment about how she would find herself walking to Starbucks every morning if she lived in my neighborhood. (It's maybe 2 blocks away).

So I thought: Yeah! Great idea! I'll load the kids up in the new wagon and walk over for a coffee in the morning!

So, I got everyone dressed and headed out.

About 3/4 of the way there...

Tell me that WASN'T a drop of water I just felt...

Crap. It was sprinkling.

I had two 4-month old babies and a 2 year old in an uncovered wagon!!!

What to do???? Turn around, go back home? Keep going and wait it out????

I decided to continue on since it was closer.

It started sprinkling harder.

The kids were getting wet.

Henry kept yelling: "It's RAINING Mommy!!!"

I had images of the Oregon Trail...hoping that I would make it to my destination with no one in my group dying of malaria or dysentery.

Dramatic, yes. But hey, it's California. We're not used to this sort of thing.

I made it to the shopping center and an old man rolled down his window to inform me that a huge storm front was on its way.


I had no idea. Sure it was a bit overcast, but it was only 9:00 a.m. I figured the sun was just sleeping in. Oops.

I decided to stop at Panera super rad wagon was A LOT bigger than I realized.

I had to prop open both doors and the aisles sure seemed much narrower than I had remembered...

I didn't realize just how big this thing was. Kinda like when you bring your christmas tree home and it's suddenly about five times bigger in your living room than you thought it would be?

Totally like that.

I couldn't turn around in the aisle, so I had to back up and try to steer this thing in reverse. About 7 people had to move out of my way. Let's just say it was embarrassing.

Luckily everyone was pretty gracious. I've found that you get a lot of grace when people see twins. In fact, complete strangers will completely fall over themselves to help you out when they see that double stroller. It's kinda nice. I'm not gonna lie.

Well, everyone but one man who rolled his eyes, sighed and otherwise acted as if me, my three kids and my (giant) wagon were causing him great bodily harm.

Whatever dude. I think you suck too.

The "rain" subsided, Henry scored a balloon, the girls fell asleep, and I headed home with my hazelnut brew.

Needless to say, I don't think we'll be going to stores with our wagon again. It's kind of an outdoor thing. :)


As a side note, if you want a good laugh this morning, check out my friend Joy's blog.


Joanie said...

SUCH a cute story!!!!!!!!!! The girls are so sweet lying there all snuggly, and what a fun Christmas present for Henry. He looked amped for his adventure!

joy said...

I loved Oregon trail! What a good story and of course it would rain on you when you went on your maiden voyage with your three littles. Glad you liked your blog post on my blog, too. that was just because you asked.

Mama Mote said...

I saw the picture first of Henry and the wagon and immediately thought of your other blog about him and his little wagon. How exciting to have something that FITS!!! Well, except for doors into stores. Anyway, glad you survived your first journey. And, yes, the blog Joy wrote was hilarious. She's too cute! hugs to you all

cee.fabee. said...

Sometimes Ronin and I will run into grumpy people at the market. Ronin always waves and says "Hello" to them and it's so weird when I catch those people glancing away quickly like they didn't hear my boy say, "Hello." I just tell Ronin that he's not always going to meet friendly people. Oh well....

Great wagon though! I know how it feels to push around a large wheeled thing around. My Quinny is massive, heavy and doesn't always fit in the aisles of most stores and restaurants.