Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Product Review: Baby Carriers

This might seem kinda random, but I feel like people ask me about baby carriers all the time.

I'm a huge fan of wearing your baby. Henry pretty much spent the entire first year of his life strapped to me with some contraption or another.

Loved. it.

Unfortunately, I rarely wear my girls. It's just tough to have one baby strapped to you and try to pick the other one up. I know lots of twin mamas wear their babies, but I just found it was too cumbersome for me. With that said, my reviews are based mainly on my experiences with Henry.

I think everyone registers for one of these. And frankly, I think that's the only reason these keep selling...because once you get it home and really start using it, you realize that it's not the greatest. I was given one of these by a friend, and used it a lot in the beginning...until I realized how bad it made my back and shoulders hurt. Remember when you were in high school and you had to carry around that Jansport filled with ridiculously heavy, hard backed American History books? It's like that only on your front...and that's another can only use it to carry on the doesn't work to carry on your back, so you can really only use it for a short period of just can't comfortably carry a 20 pound baby off your chest...I don't care who you are...

The Bjorn isn't without some pros, though. It snaps on quickly and easily...and it's a bit more "manly" Andy was happy to wear it without feeling too immasculated. :)

I made one of these myself. Bought some super cute fabric, ordered the rings from a specialized sling company, followed directions online. I wasn't a fan. Granted, I have a feeling I must have been wearing it wrong or something, because there are a lot of people who *swear* by slings...I just felt like it always dug into my neck. No matter how I adjusted it, I didn't feel comfortable. The jury is out on this one because I think my issues were more user-error than the sling itself. Needless to say, I have a really cute turqouise and brown sling sitting in the corner of my closet. Bummer.

I also made this myself (actually, my mother in law did it for me). A "real" Moby costs about $45...for $3 we got 1.5 yards of jersey (t-shirt) fabric...cut it in half (lengthwise), and sewed the ends together to make one, reeeealllly long piece of fabric. (I think I googled "how to make a moby wrap" and found plenty of instructions...and it took all of 15 minutes). Anyway...Loved, Loved, LOVED it. Henry LIVED in his Moby. It. was. awesome. The fabric distributes the weight of the baby throughout your entire upper body, stretches with your movement, and baby is all cozy and snuggly wrapped up tight. Plus, since it's just T-Shirt fabric, you can throw it in the wash. I *highly* recommend a Moby (real or otherwise).

Apparently, you can tie your Moby in such a way that will allow you to carry twins. Unfortunately, by the time my c-section incision healed enough for me to actually have something tied around my waist, I felt like the girls were a bit big for me to handle having them both wrapped up on me. (I wouldn't have *dreamed* of tying anything around my waist for at least 6 weeks...their combined BIRTH weight was 13 pounds...)

Cons: it is quite a bit of fabric, so it is kinda a lot to carry around with you when not in use. Husbands tend to be less enthusiastic about wearing it (at least mine was). While it does take some practice to get it tied on, it's easy...albeit a bit difficult to do if you are in public and your kid is screaming. :)

(I'm pregnant with the girls in this photo...although I didn't know it was twins yet! I was soooo nauseous!!!)

I never used my Ergo on my kids when they were newborns, so I can't really vouch for that time period. I just went straight to the Moby. But I *adore* my Ergo. I use it regularly when we go for walks (since I don't have a triple stroller, I push 2 and carry Jilly), and I've used it with Henry even recently. It distributes most of the weight onto your HIPS and is super easy to put on...just snap a couple of buckles, and you are done. You wear smaller babes on your front...and bigger kids on the back. Plus, Andy will wear this one too. :)

Cons: It's pricey. You can only buy it online or at fancy baby boutiques. And it's rarely on sale. BUT, (as I'm sure you won't be surprised), I got mine on Craigslist for $50.


I think if you wanted to only buy ONE baby carrier, I would suggest the Ergo...and then spend the extra couple of bucks to make yourself a Moby. There's just nothing that can compare to the coziness of a newborn in a Moby...

Twin Carriers?

Yeah they exist. No, I don't own one. I just can't imagine my 5'2" frame comfortably wielding one of these...and they resemble the Bjorn...for two babies...double the misery. Blech.

Have I missed something? What is your favorite carrier?


joy said...

i am laughing at those last pics of the twin carriers. seriously? they look like luggage--the cumbersome kind of luggage. my friend with twins wore a bjorn in the front and an ergo on the back. have you tried, THAT jeannett? ;) i loved the moby for the newborn stage and never got an ergo. they were just coming in when i was pretty done with baby carriers. loved the bjorn, sling doesn't sound good to me.

Lindsey said...

So I know I'm not a mommy, BUT I have helped with every single one of my mommy's foster babies and nannied for at least a dozen babies. Basically, I'm fairly certain I've used every wrap out there. Moby is definitely my favorite. When they're itty bitty they can face in and when they're a little bigger they can face out. My other favorite is the Maya Wrap. It's kinda slingish but super comfy. Didn't hurt at all. All the other ring slings killed my shoulder. Also, those were the two slings that EVERY baby so far has liked. Several haven't liked the slings or Bjorn.

Jacquelyn said...

I'm borrowing a Bjorn right now that I use on those rare occasions when it is easier to skip the stroller. Maybe I don't use it enough to have back problems but it was a real help when Isaac was a newborn. Now that he's bigger I have the baby backpack that my parents carried me in. Padded shoulders, aluminum frame. Isaac likes it. I like it. - Done. (although I am curious about the ergo still.)

Serenity Now said...

I'm so with you - two thumbs up for the Moby! I used it almost every day, it was so comfortable. The Bjorn hurt my back, I think I was too short or something for that thing. Once AJ got too big for the moby, I was all about the Kelty Kids Backpack. I still use that thing when we go to the dogpark or somewhere he can't really be running around. He's not so great at staying in the stroller, he prefers to be "worn" so to speak. ha! Those twin carriers are ridiculous.

Jilse said...
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Chelle Belle said...

I have another version of the moby and loved it for my last singleton, had a friend make me a more stylish one too. Also got gifted a snugglie that hubby used a handful of times. I am like you in that wearing the twins (or even one of them) seems like a total hassle now. I dunno. There was one I had been thinking of trying lately cuz I have one very fussy twin, have you tried a mei tei? I do love my moby knock off (LOL!) but there's! I think the mei tei's have a lot too. I looked into the twins carriers and yeah, crazy! LOL!

Liz said...

I vote for the moby.