Saturday, January 23, 2010

Insanity. On my part.

"Hey babe..."


"I know this sounds crazy, but I have baby fever."


"I know. I don't know what I'm thinking, but it's true."

"Jeannett, you have TWO babies. No."

"I know. But I always feel like someone is missing. I feel like we're not complete. Just today I loaded the kids up in the car to go run an errand, and I seriously felt like I was forgetting someone and had to go back in the house to get them..."

"That's nice. But no."

"And then I just kinda think...our life is super crazy right now...we're up to our eyeballs in poopy diapers and there's a part of me that just kinda wants to get it all over with at once...I really dislike the idea of getting through all the baby stuff and then having to start all over again...and as crazy as it is sometimes, I really like how close our kids are in age..."

"You really want to be pregnant again???"

"Not really...maybe let's just start adoption paperwork...that'll take a couple of years anyway..."

"Look, can we just have an uneventful 2010? We can start paperwork or whatever next year maybe?"


I'm insane. It's totally true.

But go big, or go home, right?


(oh and in case you were wondering...I'm pretty confident that we will cap the Gibson Family at 4 kids...and yes, we are seriously considering #4 being adopted...although we don't know from where and we haven't committed to that 100% but it's a very real and likely consideration...remember how hard pregnancy is on me?...yeah...)

6 months old.

2 weeks old.

These pics have nothing to do with the post, but they were cute, so whatevs...


Jacquelyn said...

haha! I totally "get" the feeling of missing someone. I was missing Isaac for a whole year before I got pregnant with him! Now Phillip is "missing" someone! - 4 is PLENTY let me tell you!!!!!!!!! Good luck with your adoptions plans. Any idea of whether you would go international or are you still in the pre-planning stage?

Jeannett Gibson said...

Jacquelyn- we are in the pre-pre-pre-pre planning stage...we aren't sure IF adoption is the route, or if we want to do one more biological...and if we choose adoption if we would do domestic or internation...or if we do international, where we would go...still lots of IFs in our family planning...but it's a contender...we just have to really hash out what we want to do...

cee.fabee. said...

Very cute girls! I've been talking about kid #3 with Aaron, yet we haven't even started on kid #2 and don't plan on it for a few more months. :-)

I'd love to read how the adoption will be for you guys. We plan on adopting #3 and don't know anyone who has adopted a child, other than already having friends who, themselves, have been adopted.

Brianna Heldt said...

Yay for adoption! :)