Saturday, November 21, 2009

Maybe she isn't so crazy after all...

I know it sounds weird, but honestly...Lucy WILL NOT nurse if I've had Dr. Pepper...and now, apparently, if I've had decaf Hazelnut coffee.

It's not the caffeine...I have a cup of coffee every morning (besides, the Hazelnut was decaf anyway). None of my kids have ever reacted to caffeine thankfully...I would die if I had to cut that AND dairy.

I've experimented with regular Coke, Root Beer...she's fine.

But if I have Dr. Pepper...she FUH-REAKS OUT. She gets one mouthful of milk and screams bloody murder and wants nothing to do with eating. It's not a tummy is so clearly that she doesn't like the TASTE.

I even gave her some milk I had pumped a few days earlier and she took it just fine. Tried nursing one taste...HYSTERICAL.

I swear the kid is a freak.

Luckily, it seems to leave my system pretty quickly. Maybe one or two nursing sessions (as opposed to dairy which can stay in my system for up to 18 hours).

But then I find this article. Maybe she's just got a super sensitive palate. Easy enough to stay away from that stuff...just really annoying when you come across yet another thing she doesn't like.

And it starts. Oh boy...

Heading down to Grandma's today with the kidlets. Andy will join us in a few days. Blogging will be spotty.


Jacquelyn said...

Lucky you! when I was nursing Eliot I would have caffine in the morning but everyday I did Eliot would wake up in the middle of the night. The days I had no caffine in the morning he would sleep through the night. With Isaac I just give him formula after I've had my coffee (I pump and throw away the "contaminated" breast milk). Maybe Lucy will grow up to be a food critic!

Mommy Laity said...

Wow. Cool article. Wish I would have read that a few years ago.