Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh for Pete's Sake Already!!!

(37 weeks, 3 days)

Dear Girls,

I know that it's probably nice and cozy and warm in mama's belly right now. And I know that mama BEGGED you to stay put just a few weeks ago. But there comes a time in every little girl's life, that she has to move on to the next phase.

In your case, it is time to come meet the world. Mommy's really tired. Her itching belly keeps her up at night. She has an entire panel at the bottom of her tummy where the muscle is actually tearing away from the abdominal wall. It hurts her. And girls, you will one day understand when I say "stretchmarks". I mean, really. It's getting out of control over here.

Besides, isn't it squishy and cramped in there by now? Wouldn't you like to stretch out those little bodies and see your brother? Your grandmas are getting anxious too! Don't worry, you can still see eachother and even sleep in the same bed, so don't worry about missing your sister.

The doctor wants to
make you come out at 39 weeks. And let's be serious don't need no stinking doctor telling YOU what to do and when, right??? Okay, so let's get some gumption and show him YOU'RE the boss! Okay? Okay!

I know it'll be hard at first. You getting to know me. Me getting to know you. Learning how to eat. Having to wait on other people to change your diapers. Not understanding what this whole pesky nighttime/daytime thing is all about. It's a little scary. Mama knows.

But I can promise you that it's also a lot of fun. We can play and cuddle and laugh together. Heck, we'll even cry together too! I'm sure of that! And just WAIT until you see your new room! Super cute! And CLOTHES...! have. no. idea.

Mommy is really proud of you for sticking it out and baking this whole time. You are good girls. But consider this your official eviction notice. Hotel Jeannett is closing. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay. Go ahead and take the towels and the little soaps. It's fine. Just get out.


Your Mommy


ska said...

You just made us both laugh until tears came out, Jeannett. Girls, listen to your mama and come out!!!

hugs to all and our best wishes!
Sue-Ellen and Scott

joy said...

you're the best. print that for their baby books. maybe they'll listen now.

Rachel Slagle said...

you make me laugh :)praying for them to make their appearance soon.

Mama Mote said...

So, has Andy done his part? You are great, Jeannett! It will be soon. I'm praying now for the time to come SOON. Love and hugs to you and the fam.

Mommy Laity said...

I'm totally laughing outloud, and a little teary eyed. Seriously! Come on girls. We want to meet you.

If I would have known you were gonna last this long we could have had a girls night in June. Though sitting in a booth at Chili's probably wouldn't work so well anymore, would it? =)

Jacquelyn said...

Nope, they're waiting for fanfare and fireworks. I hope they come tomorrow ;) Also, will you hate me if I tell you that you still don't look *that* big? especially after that twin video...

lindsey said...

you're killing me!

jenny said...

You make me laugh every time. My mother-in-law is in town (Noonie) and she says she KNOWS the feeling! Her boys were 40 weeks and 3 days! Yikes!

Joanie said...

Oh, sniff. This is so precious. I just love how you understand babies, Jeannett.

I am praying they come soon (Today!) with no inducing.