Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh how I covet!!!

I love shoes.

Really. Love. Shoes.

It might surprise you because I don't have that many pairs in my closet.

But that's only because I can't afford to indulge my shoe fetish.

It's hard though.

I've always said that someday, *somehow*, I will own one pair of outrageously expensive, fabulously crafted, dangerously high stilettos.

It is ridiculous. I know.

Embarrassing even.

My brain tells me that that same money could be used to feed the homeless or donated to another much more worthy cause...

...but I still can't help but daydream about wandering around in a pair of Stewart Weitzmans.

Some days it's Manolo Blahnik.

Or Jimmy Choo.

Today, my clicking mouse wandered to my all time fave, Christian Louboutin:

Neiman Marcus has them for only $795.00...with FREE SHIPPING!!!

Come on, if that isn't a deal, I don't know what is! :)

Where would I wear these Italian black patent leather, open toed, slingback, 4 7/10" heel shoes with a signature red sole, you ask???

Who cares???!!!

To the grocery store.

The park.

Cleaning the house.

It really doesn't matter.

I just want them.


(Although I would have to wait until I was done with this belly...I'm not so sure I could keep my balance!)

Do you have any totally irrational desires that you know you should be less materialistic about but you just. can't. help. it.?


Diana Fabricio said...

i love his shoes too! not to long ago he was on Oprah cuz that's all she wears and everyone in the audience got one pair of shoes! they got to choose from three different styles.... ugh! i love them but i cant wear heals cuz of my awkward ballet foot...someday... do they do lay away! lol

Jacquelyn said...

I'm with you on the shoe fetish. I wore heels up to the day I went to the hospital with Isaac - oh the vanity! Right now I have about 10 pairs of really nice vintage shoes that don't fit. I keep thinking I can find a cobbler who can stretch them for me but in the meantime I'll endure the pain :)

Rachel Slagle said...

i love purses... more specifically coach purses. i have way too many already but i find myself always wanting "just one more." I am forever dragging jason in to the coach store “just to look” :)

(and by the way… i have a pair of stuart weitzman shoes and they are one of the most uncomfortable pair of shoes that I have ever owned.)

Crash said...

i have so many things--dishes, jadite, pitchers, shoes, cake plates, platters, fabric--i could go on.

christine said...

of course i have similar covets, they just have 4 legs and a tail-like an old english bulldog only 2K. draft horses forget how much it cost to buy them--the cost to feed them makes up for that!

yeah, i'm so out there