Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Say hello to my leettle friend...

Yes, ladies (and maybe gentlemen?),

I just bought a new sewing machine.

I took my pathetic little Brother down to the Santa Maria Sewing Superstore to see if it could be repaired. I knew that repairing it would probably cost more than the $100 I paid for it 7 years ago at WalMart, so I was hoping that maybe it was just a simple thread tension issue (as Tracy suggested in the post below), but I had tried that at home to no avail...the lady fiddled with the tensions, tightened the bobbin screw and even put on a new needle thinking that a dull needle might be the culprit...nope. She didn't know what was wrong with it...and said "Not to be mean, but this machine isn't worth putting any money into..."

So, I was "forced" to buy a new machine.

I made it very clear: I am not a sewer, I don't need anything fancy, in fact, I pretty much hate sewing. Basic. As basic as it gets.

She showed me a few models...when I tried them out, I was embarrassed by the difference from my old machine. In fact, I was almost mad. Like, wow...I know I didn't buy the top of the line, but the difference in the sound was seriously like the difference between starting up a VW Bug and a Lexus. It was absurd. I had no idea what I was missing.

The worst part is that my new machine was only $178.00...so for a lousy $78 more I could have had a MUCH better machine and likely spent a lot less time cussing over the years.

"Incidentally, you might find that you actually LIKE sewing now that you'll have a better machine...this one is pretty bad quality...I actually see that happen a lot..."

Rest in Peace you crappy little thing, you.


Joanie said...

Ha, ha, ha, Jeannett, this saga has made me chuckle. Especially the last part. It is just way too familiar a story!

Happy sewing!

joy said...

are you going to take a bat to the old machine? why do swearing and sewing seem to go hand-in-hand? how fun that you have a new machine and maybe you will like sewing more now.

jenny said...

Oh I know I don't personally know you, but every time I read your blog I crack up. Okay, I think I swear EVERY time I sew. I get this great idea in my head of what to make and how simple it will be... 15 hours later I'm about to take a bat to my sewing machine, my project, and my husband (who likes to "help" me figure out what's wrong...)