Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Love/Hate Relationship with Etsy

I love Etsy.

I hate Etsy.

What is Etsy?

Oh, just a website where you can peruse around looking at all kinds of handmade boutique-y goodness…

Stuff you can’t buy anywhere else.
Stuff that is so cute it hurts.
Stuff that you can bet your bottom no other kid on the playground will be wearing!

My friends have been singing Etsy’s praises for a while now. But I couldn’t quite get into it.

Turns out that the reason I couldn’t was because I had a boy.

And now, I have girls.

Two of them.

And oh, the wonders of Etsy!!!

So much yummy cuteness!

It’s really easy for me to not buy stuff because I’m a cheapskate and I can easily tell myself that something is too expensive...

...but what happens when the adorable-ness is cheap too???!!!

And so, as much as I love Etsy, I hate that I can easily waste my entire day and thousands of dollars without even trying.

I really should only have boys.

This might be bad.

I might need an intervention.

But can you BLAME me when you see my latest purchases???

And really, they were less than $10 EACH! I mean, come ON! You can’t even get a (half as cute) little beanie at Target for that much!

It doesn’t help that she also makes these itty bitty clippies

Like I said...this could be bad. Really bad.


andy gibson said...

You bought that?

joy said...

ha ha ha. i was laughing anyway but then i saw andy's comment. welcome to girl world, andy. just so you know, they will need more than one pair of shoes each. probably more like 3 pairs at least. and hair accessories and others, like purses and belts, earrings, etc. but, you'll love it and tell them they look beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Jeannett, don't get all cutesy on me. I value your blog for your authenticity, your sarcasm, your honesty... now you're getting froofy?? OK, wait... is this an April Fool's post?? :-)
(At least the bows didn't MATCH...)

Jeannett Gibson said...

Penny - does it count that it's not for ME? I know, this weird uber girly-ness has been coming out of me since I found out they were girls...something about all that pink is making me gravitate towards ruffles and bows and all things I typically don't "do"...strange.

Mike and Rachel said...

It took me two years to embrace my daughters girlness. Now we are all about pink, purple, and princesses. Although, Aubrey has informed me that the Barbie aisle has EVERYTHING she wants for her Birthday this year.

jenny said...

Oh my goodness... can you post the site where you found those hats? I want one for my little Bella!

Jeannett Gibson said...

This is her Etsy shop

You can email her and have her make specific colors if she doesn't already have one pre-made that you like.

Stewart Family said...

Thanks again for blogging this! I had two boys first and then a girl. Everything kinda changes when you have a girl. After my current sale I'm going to be having a referral sale so make sure if someone buys from my shop that they convo me letting me know you sent them! Have a great day!

Serenity Now said...

I love/hate Etsy too...I think the stuff you got is cute, and I don't do bows or anything girly like that (usually). I could spend tons of money on that website, so I stay away.