Monday, March 30, 2009

Twin Belly Shot & Milestone #1

Here is my "blossoming" self at 24 weeks. 12 more to go! (It could be a couple more than that, but I'm just hoping to make it to 36 weeks...which, I have no reason at this point to think otherwise...not to say things can't change of course...)

Twin pregnancies are measured in milestones. You know how in every pregnancy (twin or not) everyone anxiously awaits that magical 12 week/first trimester-is-over time? Well, with twins, there are a few other places we have to hold our breaths:

Milestone #1: 24 weeks-
No one *wants* you to deliver as early as 24 weeks, but the reality is that at 24 weeks, your babies have an 80% chance of survival if they were to be born now...barring infections or other complications. Would they have extensive NICU time? Definitely. Typically, premature babies live in the NICU until their due in this case, 3 months of NICU time! Would there be lifelong mental/physical issues? Probably. But, they would more than likely live...even if they weighed only about 1.5 pounds a piece at birth. :(

Milestone #2: 28 weeks-
Again, no one wants you to have a baby that soon, but your chances of survival jump to 95% at that point. Further, mental/physical complications are only a *maybe*. They might have learning disabilities, but maybe not. It kinda depends on the kid. There would be about 2 months of NICU time, but eventually, your babies would be fine (albeit have a rough start).

Milestone #3: 34 weeks-
If you make it to 34 weeks, your entire medical team (and there IS a whole team in a twin pregnancy!) breathes a giant sigh of relief, and frankly doesn't worry about delivery at this point. Your babies would have at least a couple of weeks of NICU time (which would be really stressful for parents regardless...could you imagine going home WITHOUT your babies???!!!), but it would mainly be for what they call "growers/feeders"...meaning, they just want to make sure they can put on weight and that they know how to eat/suck on their own before they go home.

Milestone #4: 36 weeks-
FULL TERM! Of course, every day that your babies cook, the if they can hang out for just a little longer, it's a good thing...but by 36 weeks, you may not have a single day of NICU time (again depends on the kid and circumstances) and the twins would be considered full term. Apparently twins' organs tend to develop about 2 weeks ahead of singletons...they don't really know why, although some speculate that the competition for nutrients and space in the womb is what accelerates the development.

So, there you have it. I have offically reached Milestone #1...just three more to go!


Rachel Slagle said...

you look great!! and your not huge at all so i'm sure you won't need to have plastic surgery :)

and congrats on making milestone - praying for you guys that the babies stay in the cooker until milestone #4.

Peggy said...

Woo Hoo! 1 down and 3 to go--you will get there of that I am sure--my gut tells me so.

You look great! Can't wait to see you and the "boys" this weekend.


joy said...

yay! good job jeannett. keep up the good work of eating and growing those babies.

Serenity Now said...

You.Look.Fabulous!!! I can't believe how tiny you look. I don't think you'll need plastic surgery either (but trust me, if I had the $$$...sign me up!)