Thursday, January 8, 2009


So, it's 4:30 a.m. and I'm awake. Been tossing and turning since 3:00 and figured I was probably driving Andy crazy. Mind you, I've been doing this all week, before "the news", but all the extra thoughts swirling through my brain aren't helping matters. If you picture a tornado made out of words and questions and exclamations...that's sort of what my brain looks like right now. Here's some of the things running around in my head:

-Twins?! Two?! Of everything?!
-How do you even pick UP two babies??
-Crying: In stereo.
-Andy and I will be up to our ears in diapers...Henry will likely not be potty trained. So, that makes THREE in diapers.
-If these babies come early, I'll have THREE kids under the age of 2.
-How do you nurse two???
-Worse, how do you afford formula for two???
-Oh, how exciting! There's 2 sweet squishy babies!
-There's 2! TWO!
-"Gibsons. Party of FIVE."
-I'm going to be HUGE.
-Am I even equipped for this?
-I hope Henry doesn't feel too left out as he grows up. Surely the twins will have a special bond, and I hope he doesn't always feel like the third wheel.
-Poor Hen has no idea what is about to descend upon him!
-Will we ever sleep again?
-There was hardly any room in there for little 5 pound can there be room for TWO?
-Oh, I can't wait to kiss two sets of soft little sweet newborn lips!
-We'll have three car seats in a row in the backseat!
-Do I have the patience in me for this? Can I do this? What is God thinking???!!! I'm not that mom, the mom with the laid back demeanor, the mom that has it all together, the "twin mom".
-Our family identity will forever be changed. We will no longer be "The Gibsons with the three kids." We'll be "The Gibsons, they have twins."
-I feel so overwhelmed.
-I feel so blessed.
-Wait, seriously, I'm 5'2"!!!!!!!!!!
-How will I ever have the stamina and energy to be a mommy to a toddler, twin newborns AND be a wife??? Poor Andy.
-I'm going to be HUGE.
-No WONDER I've had to pee so dang much!
-Well that explains why I've gotten so big so quickly!
-We are so blessed. God is so good to us.
-Twins. Twins! Twins! :)

It's crazy, it's insane. I'm still in shock. I don't think it's fully hit me. But the sheer fear of carrying and birthing and caring for two newborns is wearing off a bit and being replaced by a creeping, ever widening grin. We're having TWO. I can't wait to meet them! (Them! Who types THEM?!)

And with that, I'll leave you with this.


Peggy said...

Yes my dear, you and Andy have been blessed--times two!! I was having all those thoughts for you last night as well. I have no doubt that you and Andy will be perfect "twin" parents! And on a personal note--3 are fun!! We are all thrilled for you--the girls can't wait!!

Joanie said...

Wow, Jeannett. Those are some understandable thoughts. Glad the shock is getting replaced by excitement. I was thinking of you a lot, and remembered someone who nursed her twins. And probably supplemented as well. (She is
4'11" or somewhere around there. It can be done, but yes, she was all baby. I wish I could be more encouraging there.) I think I can get you her contact information if you want it. She also belongs to a group for multiples.

joy said...

oh, jeannett, i just read your blog and had to go back. holy crap! how wonderful, exciting and scary all rolled up into one. i had this strange feeling that one of you prego people would be having twins and i kept thinking it might be you only because you said you were getting big fast. wow! i'm shocked, too. my very good friend has twins (#4 and 5) and my youngest bros are twins (#4 &5). both sets of parents say that first year is a blur. just so you know. it's going to be great! wow--i'm shocked and have typed too many words to be speechless. :)

joy said...

i forgot to mention that you guys are going to be great with twins and henry will love it. you'll need his help and i'm sure he'll be happy to help. i've secretly wanted twins forever. and you're so young! i bet they're identical? when do you find out gender and identical/fraternal? well, i guess gender may shed light on that. i am so excited for you and your family!

Mama Mote said...

Talk to Noonie Fugler.

Lara said...

I love all those thoughts. =) I'm only 5'2" as well and Grant was 9 lbs. When your kids get to 4.5 lbs each I'll lament with you. =)
It's weird to think that your identity as a family has totally changed now that you have twins. Totally true.
Great thoughts.

Katie Lady said...

double the diapers, double the work...double the smiles and double the perks. double the hugs and double the much more joy than with only one! (hey, I think I could write for Hallmark!)

Talk to Noonie & Jon Fugler about three kids all at once--her kids are awesome so they must have done something right!

shell said...

I have checked your blog from time to time from Brianna's. Our first were twin boys, came early and are now 6.5. Twins are awesome. You get to eat twice as much, get twice as much help. It is such a blessing and even though I have only known you known you from this silly blog world, you will be an awesome mom of 3! Congrats! Welcome to the mother of twins club!

Serenity Now said...

oh man...I've been running through all those same thoughts FOR you - hehe. You guys will do great though! God never gives you more than you can handle, and you are an awesome mom as it is - with plenty of love to spread around :)
And I'm with Lara - I'm 5'2 and Adam was 9.5 pounds, I was gigantic, but you can do it girl!!
I'm so excited to follow along on this journey - so fun!

Betsy said...

Wow welcome to the world of multiples. Gio was 22 months old when Mario and Karlee were born. It will be an adjustment for sure but you were chosen to be the mother of twins!! God gives us grace when we need it most. If you want to chat give me a call. Tracy told me yesterday and I was so excited for your family.

Brianna Heldt said...

Having twins, it's funny reading everyone's twin thoughts. I didn't have my twins until they were 16 months old, but ever since then I've pretty much had triplets. :) I've never thought much about being a "twin mom" though, maybe b/c my twins are adopted (?)

Take heart because as of 16 months old, they are definitely not twice as much work. Then in our family at least, Anna and Yosef currently have the closest sibling relationship, go figure. And Biniam and Kaitlyn often pair off.

Newborn twins are ADORable! Can't wait! You'll do great, and twins are awesome, and Henry will be a rockin' older brother!