Thursday, January 8, 2009

REWIND: Monday's Heart Appointment

**I typed this post out on Tuesday, but hadn't uploaded the photos...then we found out the big news, and it kinda got lost in the shuffle. So, here's some Henry news:

We had another cardiologist appointment on Monday. Henry’s valve narrowing is still considered “moderate”, so we have to wait. Again. We have another appointment scheduled for May 4th. (Remember, they want to wait until it is “severe” to do surgery). So, we wait again. And pay another huge cardiologist bill. Sigh… The appointment itself was really hard. Henry was *terrified* of the ultrasound machine. He cried hysterically the entire time…which he usually does, but this time it was different. He usually cries because he simply doesn’t want to lay there for 20-30 minutes. He wants to get up and play. But this time he cried because he was so scared. It hurt my mommy heart to see him so afraid and not be able to pick him up and make it better.

Then, that afternoon, we had a pediatrician appointment (long day!). Henry weighed in at 23 whole pounds…which is 15%. But he measures in the 52% for height!!!


Mama Mote said...

Henry looks like he's reaching out for help...cute pic with Andy. What a sweet little guy. I'm praying for you guys, especially for Henry as he endures all these tests and things. Mom and dad will get through it, too.

Serenity Now said...

awwww, poor Henry! Man, you guys have alot going on...busy, busy!

Rachel Slagle said...

so sorry that henry was terrified :( but how awesome that he is on the charts now!

cee.fabee. said...

Poor Henry. Someone so young and small should never have to go through things like this.

On a lighter note, he weighs more than Ronin! Ronin hasn't even tipped 20 lbs. yet.