Thursday, December 11, 2008

A little Christmas cheer

Back at Holloways in Nipomo to search for the perfect tree...(with our new Ergo Baby Carrier...LOVE it! Although I'm not sure how long it'll strap around my waist...)

I think this might be "the One"...

Riding the tractor back...
Strapped to the roof for dear life.

The finished product. I decided to go with all silver this year (my tree is usually all red).

Because every kitchen needs a Christmas tree too!

The manger scene.

Dining Room table.

The mantle. Andy, Jeannett, Henry, & Peanut.

The house all bedecked.

Merry Christmas!


Mama Mote said...

Pretty cool, Jeannett.

joy said...

very nice decorations. and i think an ergo is a smart idea. if i was going to have another baby, i'd totally get one.

Joanie said...

So pretty! Very inspiring, Jeanett!